Caroline de Vries

Caroline de Vries, Unknown - Known

Caroline de Vries, Unknown - Known

Caroline de Vries’ portrait photography is stunning. She experiments with the medium of photography as well as with the context and presentation. Through this exploration she encourages the viewer to construct links between subject and context. In “Unknown – Known” she assembles a “visual relationship” between two strangers by replicating the facial expression, position and facial features of a found portrait.

Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison


Holding a BFA from Memphis College of Art, Erin Morrison interweaves the organic with ghosts of the man-made and highly structured.


She has exhibited with Fecal Face Dot Gallery (San Francisco), Vermillion (Seattle), and the William Bennett Gallery (New York).


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Iran: A Nation Of Bloggers

A great infographic about Iranian bloggers

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark - Mountain


London based illustrator Andrew Clark brings together the photorealistic, the abstract, and the geometric. His work seems to hint at the future, while interweaving what feels like folklore into his intricate illustrations. 


Clark has created work for magazines, album covers, posters, and corporate identity. 


Jesse Reding Fleming | Methods of Invisibility: Shades of Gray (2001-2009)

Jesse Reding Fleming


The Company is pleased to announce the exhibition of “Jesse Reding Fleming’s Methods of Invisibility: Shades of Gray (2001-2009).” In addition to an installation in The Company’s main exhibition space, the video for this project (shot while driving from California to New York in 2001, edited in 2009) will make its world premiere in The Company’s video garage. Jesse states, “Eight years later, returning to California and for my first show in LA, it seemed to be a suitable time to reopen it for completion.”


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Greg Hopkins


Subrosa, 2008, 48 x 48", acrylic on canvas, images via Sloan Fine Art

Back in January I walked into Sloane Fine Art and found wallpaper-esque paintings that were floral, decorative, rich in color, and do I dare say, pretty. I roamed the gallery admiring the intricacy of the patterns and its hand crafted details. I then discovered each painting had layers with one design overlapping another in drip-like shapes as if one flower pattern was splattered atop and its remains slithered across the picture plane. It doesn’t end there.

New Print by Erik Mark Sandberg

Previously B/D interviewed artist Erik Mark Sandberg recently sent in this beautiful new print! I believe its a cosmic rainbow-vision ghome appearing between two prismachrome portals, that also happened to let in a couple visitors from beyond. Just a guess. Some detail shots below- now hanging in my office!

Eric Timothy Carlson

Eric Carlson - Figures From Life

Eric Timothy Carlson is a renaissance man interested in all forms of art and design. His “Figures from Life” illustrations are some of the most beautiful I have seen today. Carlson reinvents already existing images by integrating simple, but bold forms that obscure or transform the subject. Also lovely are his print and typographic projects that he does in collaboration with Michael Cina. Make sure you check out his work in our upcoming book Supernaturalism!