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Jota Castro

jota castro L1070790

Jota Castro is an artist concerned with security. His pieces show you everything and forget to beg for forgiveness. They seem to like people, but hate owners. The work offers no chance for remorse, but that is the best thing about them.

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Nick Smith’s Recreates Classic Paintings With Pantone Swatches

Nick Smith - Design Nick Smith - Design Nick Smith - Design Nick Smith - Design

Nick Smith‘s playfully arranges Pantone swatches to paper to re-create famous paintings from “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to “Mona Lisa.” Though his work uses broad swaths of colors, the pictures are still recognizable, looking almost like 8-bit art. He takes classic pieces and brings them into the 21st century, adding a little twist of tongue-in-cheek pop art to it along the way.

Smith’s previous work has also been largely representative, such as his “Shades of Lust” series, which labels various shades of pink Pantone swatches with suggestive yet simple titles such as “NIPPLE” and “BOUNCY.” (via I Need a Guide)

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Brooke Shaden’s Ethereal, Nude Photography Explores The Communion Of Beauty And Darkness

Brooke Shaden - Photography Brooke Shaden - Photography Brooke Shaden - Photography

Brooke Shaden is an American fine art photographer who brings her imagination to life in ethereal scenes that traverse the line between dreams and awakening. Each of her photos is filled with an otherworldly fog, melting skin and landscapes together in muted, painterly hues. Featured here is a selection from Shaden’s Fine Art Nude series. Throughout the images, bodies stretch and curl together in sunbaked deserts and rain-dark forests. Their faces are almost always obscured, rendering them anonymous, but their poses unfold with layers of universal emotion; slumped shoulders under the dawning sky stir with a quiet strength, while elsewhere, arms shield against the gloom of oncoming night.

Shaden’s photography is often dark, but fearlessly so. Inspired by the co-relation of life and death, she seeks to confront the questions of existence while also capturing the delicate beauties that run throughout. As she wrote in a fascinating interview with Ezra Magazine,

“I have always had a fascination with dark art and anything that made me think outside of my normal spectrum. To me, darkness is something that so many people shy away from because it forces us to question things that we often need not think about. It allows us to access a part of ourselves that might not get let out all the time, but when it does, it frees us from our fears.” (Source)

Shaden’s ghostly models do not seem afraid of the dark realms which they inhabit; instead, they move slowly, manifesting with ritualistic grace and bodily awareness the pangs and joys of living and letting go.

Visit Shaden’s website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page to view more of her works. Beautiful/Decay featured some of her portraiture works in 2011, which you can read about here.

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Jansson Stegner’s Long Stretch

Jansson Stegner’s work could easily have turned into your typical figurative work but the strange elongation of the figures gives the work a bizarre psychological twist. It’s kind of a mix between Balthus and John Currin.

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Jon Malkemus

jon malkemus motion graphics

Some tasty motion graphics & 3d mastering can be found on Jon Malkemus’s site.

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Thom Lambert

Lot’s of fun illustrstion, prints, and good ol’ fashioned graphic design by London based creative Thom Lambert!

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Peter Schuyff

Peter Schuyff’s favorite terms to describe himself are “irreverent,” “obsessive, ” and “spiritual. ” By irreverence, he means his confidence in what he is doing, his casual acceptance of an abstract vocabulary. The obsessiveness is in his technique. And through this process, his work becomes imbued with a kind of spirituality an apparition seems to build up within the layers of paint, and the light emanating from the canvas is, perhaps, a hint of its presence…he began painting one patterned surface over another, and then began to add semi translucent white grids to the two layers, further confusing the relationship between the patterns. Slightly claustrophobic, these paintings have been described as padded cells, albeit ones through which light mysteriously penetrates.

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Twan van Keulen’s Typography Set made from Cut Leaves


We still have a month left of summer, but autumn will be here before we know it. And that means leaves. Everywhere. Here’s a cool little typography project to help ease the transition from season to season. Twan van Keulen is a graphic designer from the Netherlands. In a series called Falling Leaves, Van Keulen cut letters and symbols out of leaves and scanned the results, effectively creating a unique (well, it is kinda based off Helvetica) set of typography.  (via)

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