Jane South

Untitled (Tower), 2009, paper, ink & acrylic with cut wall, 3' dia x 10" deep, all images via Jane South

Untitled (Tower), 2009, paper, ink & acrylic with cut wall, 3' dia x 10" deep, all images via Jane South

Jane South‘s architectural paper constructions has had a firm place in my heart since I encountered her show at Whitney Altria a few years back. I was drawn to the hand cut and crafted composition, the obsessive repetition, and the illusionistic moire patterns that make up these layered industrial constructions. In a recent show at Spencer Brownstone one monumental free standing sculpture greets us with a dizzingly array of perspective, giving the viewer freedom to enter its inside and marvel at its surprising silence and delicacy.

Interview Project


Interview Project is a new web-based video series presented by David Lynch and created by his son, Austin Lynch, as well as Austin’s friend, Jesse S. Austin, Jesse, and their team took a massive road trip around the US, traveling on back roads and interviewing the people they encountered. Some of the interviews are striking for the crazy stories they have to tell – one man, Tommie Holiday (pictured above), talks about his true love who is in jail for killing an ex-boyfriend. Other people have more ordinary stories, like Clara, who is a mother and grandmother to a perfectly lovely flock of offspring in Colorado. They all, however, have some rather profound things to say about life.

Unfortunately the videos were rather difficult to embed, so you can either see some video stills after the jump or click here to go to the Interview Project site.

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Led by graphic designer and illustrator Jerome CastroHellofreaks is a graphic design studio based in Paris, France. I’m loving these twisted, almost grotesque illustrations juxtaposed with color palettes that basically put rainbows to shame. 


Bruno 9li

Most animated gifs are made by purely digital means but Bruno 9li shows how much more awesome it looks with the same effect applied to his painting. The flashing light band across is the eyes is genius! You can see more of his work after the jump but they look better on his site (they’re really wide).

Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs

APOLLO LEM (steel, plywood, electronics, tools)


Tom Sachs sculpts truly elaborate masterpieces. In 2001, he recreated Le Corbusier’s 1952 Unité d’Habitation using only foamcore and a glue gun, and constructed a McDonald’s solely from plywood, glue, and assorted kitchen appliances. His attention to detail is mind-blowing. So intense. 


Jon Huck

Jon Huck - Breakfast series


Jon Huck‘s “Breakfast” series exhibits portraits of people along with exactly what they ate/drank that morning. Some of these people bear a striking resemblance to their food! I’m fond of these parallels, especially the one between the bald man and his hard-boiled egg. 


Deb Sokolow


Chicago-based illustrator Deb Sokolow is a conspiracy theorist. Or at least that’s what her work seems to suggest. Creating long, linear, installation-based drawings which look similar to the kind of thing your typical movie serial killer has on his wall, Sokolow pays tribute to the great American tradition that is the modern conspiracy. Her work always has a strong narrative, usually featuring a nameless narrator uncovering some kind of sinister plot; plots which may involve anything from office life to the government (of course) to gangster movies to Barbara Walters.

Dana Goldstein


Kentucky-born, SCAD-educated photographer Dana Goldstein’s work is comprised of candid, documentary photos depicting (among other things) youth culture in the late 00s. At times reminiscent of Nan Goldin, the images showcase both the innocence/fun and lack thereof of growing up nowadays. I particularly enjoy the photos of gutter punks.