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Julien Pacaud


French Illustrator Julien Pacaud is delightfuly eccentric; her works look as if they’ve been dreamed up by children after feasting on their yearly spoils of Halloween candy. (What? Your parents didn’t tell you sugar would give you nightmares?) I would be lying if I told you I had any idea what this soccer-chicken picture means, but I still find it incredibly amusing.

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Jerome Abramovitch


Jerome Abramovitch has incredible attention to detail: the digital manipulation of his photos is nearly seamless. In his “Mannequin” series, he took photos of both live models and plastic mannequins before digitally meshing them together to form amazingly real-looking human-plastic hybrids. More and more, photographers are finding their creative voices in post production – so exciting!

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Stuart Whitton


UK based artist Stuart Whitton uses traditional  media to create his detailed and “life-like-textures” art works. Whitton’s work pops out of the pages and almost comes to life. He describes his work as a direct representation of his personality and inspiration, which can be identified in the smallest of details.

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Jena Buckwell


Photographer Jena Buckwell’s greatest goal in life is to never be bored. Producing beautiful photography is one of the many ways she keeps herself busy. This is her latest series of surrealist portraiture of those she holds dearest. This New York native also does design and  illustration that you can check out on her daily blog.

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William Steinman


New York based artist William Steinman creates sexy and raw pieces that carry a strong undertone of their source of inspiration: street culture and Pop art. Growing up, he kept himself busy by exploring downtown Phoenix on his skateboard. In doing so, he was introduced to the graffiti art that populated his surroundings, and fell in love with it. Though William was initially inspired, he started to notice how increasingly redundant graffiti was turning out. He decided to focus his artistic endeavors elsewhere, and started to study painting. But first love is always the strongest, and William found himself charmed by the bold lines and appropriated imagery of Pop art.

Observing William Steinman’s paintings and sculptures is the equivalent of trying to stay perfectly still inside a hurricane of motion. He constantly plays with adaptation and reconstruction within an environment of deconstruction. Using found materials, store bought objects, comic books, and finishing them off with industrial glue, the end result is what he likes to accurately describe as “the dark side of Pop.”

William is currently an MFA student over at Queens College in New York City. In a few weeks he will be presenting his bold, raw, and sexy portfolio of work at his MFA Thesis show. Unfortunately, I live much too far and will not be able to attend. However, anyone out there who will be in the area should definitely indulge themselves! Go!

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Interview: Leif

iChat Image(2645756261)An artist and a philosopher, Leif doesn’t just make illustrations, he sculpts experiences. Each of his beautiful and dramatic pieces delves into the inner workings of the subconscious mind. Leif uses his art as an outlet to explore his inner self and the “psychedelic experience”, (his definition of that later). Though his choice of diction might correlate with that of a hippie, Leif emphasizes that his goal is to distance himself from those stereotypes, as he believes that there is something to be learned from our subconscious. His images truly are captivating – perhaps you can work on getting in touch with your inner psyche while you’re being mesmerized by his work!

Check out his views on his art, humanity, and mountaineering after the jump!

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Paul Sloan


Paul Sloan‘s simple marker drawings seem all the more intimate as a result of minimalism – as if they’d been ripped from the pages of Sloan’s personal sketchbook. They have an unfettered ease about them that suggests they went from conception to paper in a matter of moments, preserving Sloan’s original ideas without editing or alteration.

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Meera Lee


Illustrator Meera Lee does lovely work. What appealed to me was the mix of simple compositions with textured detail. Along with illustration, she also does watercolor and photography. You can purchase her prints here!

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