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It’s midnight, I can’t sleep, and the  moon seems to be wiggling and moving in space. Hope it doesn’t fall down from the sky.

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Dita Pepe Visualizes Life With Different Strange Men


Dita Pepe- Photography

Dita Pepe- Photography

Dita Pepe- Photography

Dita Pepe, a Czech photographer, has made an amazing photographic series centered around imaginary lives with different men. The project started off when Pepe posed with various men she knew, conjuring a real image to the “What if?” that we sometimes ask ourselves. As her work developed, she began approaching strangers and incorporating them into her work. Sometimes she even had her daughter in the portraits. This series, titled “Self Portraits With Men,” features a hundred of these shots, which are candid family portraits of families that never existed.

The most impressive aspect is how well she fits into each scenario. She looks the part: of wife and sometimes mother, visually unfettered by the vast array of socio economic scenarios, she casually goes from childless to mother of four, to upper class, to being a hippie, all with such a light step you would hardly think it’s the same person in each portrait.

“Though obviously comparable to the work of Cindy Sherman, Pepe’s chameleon talents focus more on how relationships can utterly transform an individual than embodying specific female identities. Questions of origin, influence, and choice all come into play, the ‘what-if’ manifesting in a sometimes comical, sometimes surreal interpretation of different paths we all could have taken.”

(Excerpt from Feature Shoot)

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Micaela Lattanzio’s Photo Mosaics Shatter Portraits Into Bits And Pieces

photo mosaic

mosaic photo mosaic Micaela Lattanzio - Mixed Media

Micaela Lattanzio creates works of art that go beyond the traditional forms of photography. This collection, called “Frammentazioni,” shatters photos into bits and pieces, enabling Lattanzio to play with space and texture. Her mosaic-esque pieces contain a sort of kinetic energy, suggesting form and movement in a subtle way.

Like other types of art that use human features, it’s hard not to assign emotion to Lattanzio’s work. She literally uses human images as jig saw pieces, evoking a sort of psychological depth that could be read as anxious or even playful.

Some of Lattanzio’s works are use the various pieces of photographs as pixels, rearranging them around each other but maintaining some semblance of the original shape. Other pieces lace together long stripes, looking like the result of two inkjet printers communing  (via Hi-Fructose)

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Sybille Paulsen Uses The Hair Of Women Undergoing Chemotherapy To Create Symbolic Necklaces

Sybille Paulsen - Fiber artisan Sybille Paulsen, Tangible Truths - Fiber artisan Sybille Paulsen, Tangible Truths - Fiber artisan Sybille Paulsen, Tangible Truths - Fiber artisan

Sybille Paulsen is a fiber artisan and designer who crafts beautiful and symbolic artifacts from human hair. As she writes on her website, “Hair is a unique and enchanting material that evokes a lot of sentiment” (Source) — as part of our physical identities, it is integral to the way we see and understand ourselves, and as it grows it signifies both personal change and transformation.

The loss of one’s hair as a result of chemotherapy is a devastating change, representative of the emotional and physical trauma of the disease. To try and help people understand this loss, Sybille has embarked on a project to turn the hair of cancer patients into beautiful necklaces. The project is called Tangible Truths, plural because it refers to the diverse experiences of each woman enduring illness and treatment, “tangible” as it transforms abstract pain — the loss of hair — into a touchable, wearable art piece imbued with sentiment and hope. As Sybille writes:

“The loss creates something new and the helplessness is juxtaposed against a tangible artefact. This object can be the introduction to an exchange of difficult feelings that are otherwise hard to communicate.” (Source)

Visit Sybille’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about Tangible Truths. There is also an option to donate and help keep her love-infused project going. (Via DeMilked)

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The Big Whales!

Shay Church’s massive sculptures are made using wooden armatur and wet clay and sand. Absolutely amazing!

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David Meyer’s Installations made of Sifted Flour

Artist David Meyer‘s installations could blow away at any moment.  He forms these installations of letters and figures from sifted flour.  Concentric circles of words spelled in capital script letters surround a gallery pillar.  The seeming permanence of the letters disappears as a viewer crouches – each letter clearly becomes only a small pile of flour.  In a way, Meyer uses the  installation to illustrate the nebulous nature of language and images.  While words may at times seem heavy and express real ideas, they begin as hazy thoughts like mounds of flour waiting for a breeze.  Much of David Meyer’s work explores similar ideas.  His installations conjure thoughts of permanence, memory, and information.

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