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Melissa Di Pasquale’s Oscars Costume Party

Black Swan

The Oscars were  a few weeks back but I couldn’t help myself from posting Melissa Di Pasquale’s hilarious photos from her Oscars costume party. The rules stipulated that everyone must come dressed as one of the following: any character from any film that has ever won an Oscar, Or dressed as any character from any film from the past year that has been nominated for an Oscar. The competition was fierce with prizes and bragging rights at stake. I can see this turning into a nationwide contest. You could throw a party in different cities and compare costumes side to side .Would LA beat Chicago, Would NYC lose to Nebraska? I’m not big on costumes but I’d be happy to host the LA party. I only have one question. Did my favorite film, The Lost Boys win an Oscar?

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Baroque Frames And Adornments Carved From Cardboard

Jillian Salik installation6 Jillian Salik installation3

Jillian Salik installation2

The artwork of Jillian Salik offers up understated surprises.  Her new exhibit DUEL TINT features frames, window dressing, and other wall fixtures adorned with baroque ornamentation.  However, the typically gilded and gaudy colors that typically accompany such adornments, the reflections and windows that should fit in such frames were no where to be seen.  Salik only offers the bare structure of the frames and ornamentation.  Also, Salik makes an interesting choice of material: cardboard.  She contrasts high-society trimmings and embellishments with a decidedly “low” material and digital production processes.

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Victor Boullet

Social Hypocrite series by Victor Boullet.

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Chlorophyll Skin

An experimentation into color, movement, absorption and the body by Lucy McRae and Mandy Smith.

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Desolation And Dreams: Michael Massaia’s Haunting Photographs Of Abandoned Amusement Parks

Michael Massaia - Photography Michael Massaia - Photography Michael Massaia - Photography Michael Massaia - Photography

Michael Massaia is a photographer from New Jersey whose black-and-white imagery has an uncanny way of making the familiar seem unfamiliar: ordinary scenes are transformed into stunning portraits of isolation, desolation, and mystery. Two series are featured here: Afterlilfe and Sheep Meadow: Vertical Abstracts. The former documents vacant amusement piers along the New Jersey coastline, and the latter comprises vertical portraits of people sleeping in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow. While the subject matter is drastically different between the series — urban landscape photography and portraiture, respectively — both convey Massaia’s unique style: the haunting documentation of ordinary things that resonate with a deep sense of reflection and a yearning for connection.

Started in 2008, Afterlilfe features amusement piers in states of vacancy and ghost-like deterioration, photographed in the quiet hours between 4 and 6 o’clock in the morning. Most of the images were shot in FunTown and Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. In environments usually known for noise and elation, silence prevails; carousels lie dormant, and the architectural bones of roller coasters and ferris wheels loom against cloudy, darkened skies. Many of these structures were destroyed by hurricane Sandy in 2012. Shooting before and after the catastrophic event, Massaia’s unearthly photographs trouble us with their radiating atmospheres of stillness and absence.

Sheep Meadow: Vertical Abstracts is an extension of an earlier project titled Deep in a Dream. Massaia photographed people as they lay alone or in pairs on the grass. None of the subjects knew that they were being documented, allowing for candidly peaceful, reflective, and intimate postures. Vertical Abstracts sees photos of sleeping couples turned vertically and flipped backwards, making it appear as if they were floating or dancing through an otherworldly void. Massaia describes how the final prints “are gold-toned silver gelatin prints . . . [and] the grass is severely ‘burnt in’ to isolate and give the look of suspension to the subject” (Source). The strong contrast between the bodies and the surrounding darkness illuminates moments of beautiful (and strangely anxious) connection between the reclining couples.

Visit Massaia’s website and Facebook page to follow his hauntingly beautiful work. More photos after the jump.

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World Design Rankings


Scottie Heated chair by Fabrique Publique

Scottie Heated chair by Fabrique Publique

Beer'd Up Beer packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Beer’d Up Beer packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Welcome to World Design Rankings, a website that provides valuable insight into the entire design industry.  Each year WDR advocates and promotes groundbreaking design through it’s ranking. This international ranking system gives you a snapshot of the state-of-art and design, highlighting the creative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. One of our favorite sections on the site is the “Design Business Insights” which gives readers an important ranking of countries based on their success in various design categories. This allows you to discover with country is the leader in fashion, product or industrial design with the click of your mouse!

One of our favorite categories that World Design Rankings covers is furniture design. We found multiple examples of furniture design that was groundbreaking and experimental. We’ve shared some of those designs along with a selection of other past winners from various categories below.

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Łukasz Belcarski is Cumformers

Polish illustrator Łukasz Belcarski mixes the grotesque, the kinky, and the unusual to create his series of works better known as Cumformers.  More dark and bizarre fun after the jump!

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TIAM (This is a Magazine)

This is a Magazine was founded in 2002 in Milan Italy by Donnachie, Simionato & Son. This project includes a compendium of award-winning work, available on the internet and in the magazine. TIAM is the 6th printed Compendium and it refers to science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick’s final novel “Valis” and the protagonist’s interaction with an extra-terrestrial pink laser beam (Obviously a great foundation for the creation of cool artwork). The combination of these pieces work together to make an elaborate pop-up book full of beautiful but strange work.

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