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Lord Of The Rings Fan Re-Creates Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit House Out Of 2,600 Balloons!

Lord Of The Rings’ fans have always been a bit eccentric but Utah based balloon artist Jeremy Telford has raised the bar by more than a few notches by constructing Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit house entirely out of balloons. The Tolkien super fan spent over 40 hours with swollen fingers creating the life size structure right in the middle of his living room using only a hand held balloon pump, his imagination, and a spiffy green vest to hold the balloons in. The structure comes complete with a fireplace filled with wood and flames, ornate chandelier, ceiling beams and closet doors that open and close! Watch a time lapse video after the jump of Telford in action as he creates the ultimate nerd shrine to Lord Of The Rings. (via)

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MARGIE LIVINGSTON Drips, Drops, Strips, And Skins

Margie Livingston’s work articulates the interaction between the architectural grid and the natural, organic world. Based on three–dimensional models that she builds in the studio, her paintings directly translate the phenomena of space, light, color and gravity upon these hybrid structures into lines and bands of color that hang seemingly suspended in space. Now, letting accident and discovery meet invention and experimentation, Livingston reverses her usual process, using paint to construct objects. Her new paint objects—built entirely from dots, strips, and skins of dried acrylic pigment investigate the properties of paint pushed into three dimensions and offer a compelling view into how the medium of paint can be used sculpturally. The sculpture featured above contains 62 layers of poured color going from dark to light.

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Jens Ullrich’s

Jen Ulrch’s large scale collage series the “pilots” are collages of sports photographs found in today’s newspapers and pictures of sculptures from the period of National Socialism (1933 – 1945). The athletes are shown in the spectacular positions midair with their bodies stretched and bent in striking movements.  Juxtaposed together these images are at once weighed down by stone and metal sculptures and feather light, flying through the sky in a constant flux of motion.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Strawberry Swing

Not sure how old this is but it’s still a good one. This is an alternative video for Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing, directed by Ross Neil and Matt Clark, with thanks to HSI London.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: At-At Day Afternoon

I never really got into Star Wars but I know more than a few Cult members are Mega Star Wars nerds so I’m posting this. Don’t say I don’t love you.

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Chelsea Dirck is an art student majoring in Art Education and Fibers at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts. I met her through the DIY punk scene five years ago, and her drawings are still resonant with the energy, sincerity, and immediacy of that time period. Dirck’s artwork is often derived from her innumerable personal journals, some of which have recently been released as zines. These zines are full of emotive jottings and ink drawings that are paired with humorous or poignant words and slogans – oftentimes directly referring to Dirck’s personal life. The drawings in her zines are influenced by such disparate quarters as advertising, comics, Internet memes, David Shrigley’s drawings, the book More Things Like This, and other forms of text and image combination – which seems to be the predominant mode of expression for us “Millennials.”

Dirck’s journal-based artwork seems almost tailor-made for Internet distribution through sites like Tumblr, where she has cultivated a sizable following. However, she has recently expanded her art practice to include mediums where physicality is a central concern: embroidery, quilt-making, and large-scale drawings. With an upcoming show this spring at MassArt and an ongoing relationship with the Boston gallery Lincoln Arts Project, Dirck seems to be coming into her own – just in time for her 24th birthday, which, by the way, is today. So go do some celebratory pillaging of her Etsy for prints, originals drawings, postcards, and zines of many of the images found after the jump.

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made by sawdust

Middle Boop Magazine detail

Sawdust is a design studio out of London. Check their sexy typography.


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Ruben Plasencia’s Photographs Of The Blind Explore The Concept Of Prejudice

Ruben Plasencia

Ruben Plasencia Ruben Plasencia Ruben Plasencia

Ruben Plasencia settled on the idea of photographing the blind when contemplating how to approach the subject of prejudice as an artist.  He felt that blind individuals are unique because they are subject to prejudice, but don’t generate prejudice against others the way people who can see do.  His series, Obscure, forces viewers to look directly into the eyes of people who cannot return the stare.

Working with ONCE, Spain’s national organization for the blind, to complete the project, Plasencia found himself incredibly moved by the experience.  Of the project he writes:

Racist prejudices and stereotypes continue to dominate our societies — judgments which are made at a level that is only skin-deep. In “Obscure”, I created portraits of the blind. These faces create a mockery of our unthinking dependence on vision. A blind person seeks more reliable ways to read between the lines and understood essences, no longer able to fall back on their eyesight as the only reliable means.

I composed the portraits in a simple manner: a figure and a ground. I wanted to eliminate as many external factors as possible and leave behind only what’s most important to me: “The Look”.

Far from being a simple visual appetizer, this project ventures to convey the deepest intimacy of the look. By gazing upon eyes which cannot see, I want us feel deeply what it means to have sight. Despite having the gift of vision, we manage to blind ourselves every day. We are all given the great opportunity to observe and I hope we can appreciate its value. (via LensCulture)

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