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ross kemp folds

Ross Kemp Folds is a site dedicated to foldings of photos of award winning British actor Ross Kemp. Hundreds of users from around the world have submitted their own foldings, each outdoing the next. I can’t tell if the site is a tribute fan site to Ross or a very creative way to make fun of the actor but with over 360 user submissions the site has a plethora of inventive, playful,and downright laugh out loud foldings of Ross’s rotund head in every shape possible. Below are a few of my favorite foldings from the site.

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Tomas Januska’s Gravity Series Defies The Laws Of Nature

Tomas Januska Tomas JanuskaTomas JanuskaTomas Januska

In his photographic series, Gravity, Tomas Januska takes snapshots of human bodies in unnatural and usually impossible poses. Beautifully photographed with clean crisp backgrounds, Januska highlights the absurdities of the forms and figures of his subjects. These are frozen moments that we normally would not be able to witness. Girls look as if they have been caught in a hurricane, skirts and hair billowing out around them. Boys are snapped mid-flight, shoes, caps and props flung to the side.

Januska manages to capture either violent and frenetic energy in his subjects, or a very still and quiet introverted moment. Some people seem as if they have been woken from their slumber, picked up and dangled mid-air. Individual’s clothes add to their narrative – a business woman leaping in heels and twirling her jacket seems caught in a triumphant post-meeting moment, or celebrating the latest merger at work. Another girl arches her back, with her hand resting on her head, as if regretting a wrong decision recently made.

In these portraits we can see the full range of human expression – each twist, bend, tilt, grimace tells it’s own story. Every tilted head, crooked limb and flexed muscle doing so for a reason. “Gravity” is not only about capturing postures and poses, but also about the natural drama and theatricality inherent in our bodies. (via Juxtapoz)

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The Kim Kardashian Party by XVALA


XVALA is the artist behind the #FearGoogle campaign, which caused him to be rife with controversy when he put up wheat pastes featuring nude photos of Scarlett Johansson. However, for the past year, he’s been working on a much larger project, in which he went digging through celebrity’s trashcans to re-purpose their discarded objects into art. Early on in his gatherings though, Forbes Magazine received leaked information that he had been to both Steve Jobs’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s residences – where he discovered one of Zuckerberg’s coat hangers and had it fabricated into an almost indestructible phallic sculpture.

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John Kissick’s Visual Explosions

John Kissick’s paintings are a colorful explosion of abstract patterns, forms, thick paint, and gooey textures. Kind of like a  Piñata filled with paint.

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MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Creates A Chair That Puts Itself Together

self assembly lab documentary self assembly lab documentary

The term, “May the force be with you” is taking on new meaning by a team of MIT researchers who recently designed a chair that can build itself. Yes, you heard right, a chair, which can build itself. Using water, magnets and technology, MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, headed by Skylar Tibbitts, in conjunction with Autodesk and molecular biologist Arthur Olson, have invented a technique which allows inanimate objects to construct themselves. The process, which combines raw, local and molecular materials, grabs hold of structural alchemy in the purest sense of the word. By deciphering the essence of structure, the team is able to figure out how it will react to raw and local environments. Once an assessment is made, a subject is then manipulated down a path of experiments, which will eventually enable it to react and change itself in the process. The study which has been ongoing for several years opens up endless possibilities, that will affect all sectors of life, including medical research, conflict resolution and urban planning. The chair evolved from Tibbitts’ original breakthrough known as 4D printing. That idea concentrated on the simple act of folding and became conscious of “the fourth dimension” otherwise known as time. Compelling not only in its simplicity, but also in exploring how the brain processes common occurrences in everyday life. So, the next time you witness bread popping out of the toaster, think of the infinite possibilities.   (via thecreatorsproject)

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Ryan Everson’s Text Based Installations Of Loss And Absence

EversonInstallation EversonInstallation8 EversonInstallation6

Ryan Everson’s installations speak to longing and loss and the desire for movement and displacement. There is something hopeful and comic about some of his work, accompanied by a tinge of despair as it addresses boundaries of what is and what could be. His work feels perpetually on the cusp of some sort of change or movement, of travel to another place, whether that be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Everson’s work embodies something of memory, though we can’t say of what, but that it definitely exudes a nostalgia for absent events or places. “My most recent work comes from abstract emotional states stirred up from specific self-reflective moments. These moment arise as I become more aware of myself in the present and my inability to control the future.”

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Ridley Howard

The subjects of Ridley Howard’s paintings dwell within a dreamy, still world that seems frozen in time. His figures are executed in simple but believable form; rounded at the edges and in soft focus, they are flawless characters suggestive of stylized CGI on the precipice of the uncanny valley. The scale of his paintings range dramatically, but regardless of size, his work feels intimate and yet enveloping. Abstract nooks of color takes form in between background corners – a crevice painted powder blue behind a man’s neck, a patch of yellow between two lover’s embracing. These details might initially go unnoticed, but the mood they provoke resounds.

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Artist Turns Skin Condition Into Compelling Visual Work

RussellPhotography3 RussellPhotography10 RussellPhotography8

Ariana Page Russell has a hypersensitive skin condition called dermatographia that informs the bulk of her work. Her immune system releases excessive amounts of histamine. If she scratches her skin, this will cause her capillaries to dilate and welts to appear on her skin for about 30 minutes. This gives her enough time draw on her skin before photographing it, capturing a temporary inflammation. She often integrates cut-up photographs of her skin into some of her work, and even creates temporary tattoos out of these images. Russell sees the body as an index of passing time and human experience, and skin as the organ that visually reflects this transience. Russell currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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