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Awesome Video Of The Day: Robert Rauchenberg’s Monogram

Robert Rauchenberg is undoubtably one of the most important artists of our times. In this video he discusses how one of his most famous works “Monogram.”

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Gregori Maiofis’ Darkly Humorous Tarot Cards Satirize Human Existence

Gregori Maiofis, Tarot Decks - Photography

Fool, from the Deck of “Public Sanitation”

Gregori Maiofis, Tarot Decks - Photography

Lovers, from the Deck of “Butterflies”

Gregori Maiofis, Tarot Decks - Photography

Justice, from the Deck of “Obscene Enjoyment”

Gregori Maiofis, Tarot Decks - Photography

Empress, from the Deck of “Taxidermy”

Gregori Maiofis is a Saint Petersburg-based photographer who stages elaborate scenes that illustrate the follies and mysteries of human existence in ironic and fatalistic ways. Many of his works are based around literary and philosophical traditions, such as proverbs and fables. This particular series, created in 2003-2004, uses tarot cards as its theme, pairing dark and absurd imagery with written titles to humorously encapsulate a facet of life and/or identity. The “Fool” card, for example — the prototypical image from a deck Maiofis imagined would be called Public Sanitation — depicts a man in a ludicrous bird costume as he prepares to jump off a roof. The “Empress” card — traditionally signifying fertility, femininity, and beauty — displays a taxidermied primate. Much of his work is produced via the bromoil process, a challenging photographic process that was popular in the early twentieth century that involves ink being painted over a black-and-white photograph printed on bleached paper. Maiofis’ resulting images have both photographic and painterly qualities, appearing historical and artifactual while satirizing human existence on a trans-generational, cross-cultural scale.

Born in Russia into a family of artists and architects and further trained in new art practices in Los Angeles, Maiofis fuses his international experiences into works that explore the strength of the image to overcome boundaries of nation and culture. While those knowledgeable about Russian history, identity, and traditions may have specialized insight into the significance behind Maiofis’ dark and clever imagery, there is still a lot of meaning left for the rest of us to identify; the figure of Justice — usually depicted as a stately figure — is naked and blindfolded, straddling her double-edged sword in a sexual manner, satirizing (perhaps) the representation of justice as a “fair” and purely objective entity. What makes Maiofis’ images so mysterious and intellectually engaging is that their meanings are never directly provided. It is up to us to divine their significance (as well as their playful, biting critiques of humanity) just as we would interpret our own lives with real tarot cards.

More of Maiofis’ clever and thematic works can be viewed on his website.

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Stephen Aldrich


Stephen Aldrich carefully cuts woodcut prints, steel engravings, and other printed epehemra from the Victorian Age to create these sardonically surreal new vistas of the era. Yes, Garret, I like this because it’s Victorian!

He will be showing his work at NYC’s Foley Gallery from September 9- October 23.

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15 Days To Submit Art To Future Perfect!


The Future is still unwritten! This is a reminder to everyone who has yet to submit to the Future Perfect project deadline that there are only 15 days until the deadline. You cannot fight the future so be embrace your destiny and submit your work before the March 29th deadline to have your art featured in Beautiful/Decay Book 6!

Create your vision for a better tomorrow and get featured in Beautiful/Decay book 6.

We want to see the world you want to live in, your Future Perfect. Submit your work of art based on the Future Perfect theme; you are free to use any medium and interpret the theme as you see fit. On March 29th we will pick one lucky person from the submissions who will get a package of Beautiful/Decay goods valued at $300 and a 10-15 page interview in Beautiful/Decay book 6! Up to 70 additional future perfect submissions will also be selected and published.

Share your vision, plan a better tomorrow and join Beautiful/Decay to create a Future Perfect.

Click to Visit Future Perfect

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26_map2 The people over at WhiteWhiteBrownTwig, the collective work of artist and photographer Emma Parry, and graphic artist Joel Galvin, are pumping out some pretty cool artwork. If your in need of some refreshing work check them out.

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The Strange Expressions In Laura Krifka’s Paintings And Sculptures Depict Sexual Awakening

laura krifka paintinglaura-krifka-reap-the-whirlwind-16laura krifka painting

laura krifka painting

The strange expressions in Laura Krifka’s figures exude a feeling of tension and surprise. The collection of paintings displayed in her latest show, “Reap the Whirlwind” at CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles, offer a tableaux of sexual awakening, youthful lust and rough mischief. Each character seems glazed over in some type of expensive plastic yet the narrative refers back to old masters such as Rembrandt and Boticcelli. This is part of the reason Krifka’s work is intriguing. It embraces a juxtaposition which is not often seen. The other is her painting ability.

A skilled technician, Krifka renders her weird realistic narratives of lustful desire with relative ease. Her placement of characters in the great outdoors lends a plein air quality which enhances her scenes of multiple partnered sexual encounters and voyeurism. At times the figures resemble renaissance blowup dolls which adds humor. Even though it mostly depicts sex, there is no real sensuality in the paintings , instead Krifka captures the awkwardness of adolescent awakening.
Accompanying the paintings in the show are a series of small sculptures and video. The sculptures are tiny and even though relate in narrative to the paintings, its characters look a bit more rag dollish. Well, maybe not a little but a lot more. This makes them even more intriguing. Actually, I believe these are models for the video, which isn’t accessible on the web. There is a still on the gallery’s website which does hint at this fact and one could conclude the video consisting of a sexualized rag doll version of Little House On The Prairie.

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Maciek Jasik Floating Through Color

I’m completely blown away by these photographs by Maciek Jasik. They look like a gradient filled world where we all can fly  through the air as long as we’re naked.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Supernatural Creator (Jesus Pixel)

The history of creation ala 8-bit video games!

Animation by Mareike Ottrand and music by Daniel Brenner

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