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Marc Da Cunha Lopes’ Vertebrata

When the world ends will our bones rise from our graves to take over the world? French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes seems to think so.

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Daniel Buren’s ‘Perimeter For A Roomwork in Situ’

2_A_Perimeter_for_a_Room_01 daniel_buren_lisson_gallery_london_2-thumb-468x354-35861 DSC_0863


French artist Daniel Buren‘s long career has been focused on both questioning and criticizing the relationship of art to the structures that frame it. Buren’s work has delved into installation, critical writing and interventions. From the artist’s statement: “All of Buren’s interventions are created ‘in situ’, appropriating and coloring the spaces in which they are presented. They are critical tools addressing questions of how we look and perceive, and the way space can be used, appropriated, and revealed in its social and physical nature.”

One of his most powerful interventions Perimeter For A Roomwork in Situ. 2011, was installed at Lisson Gallery, the London Gallery who represents Buren and who specializes in conceptual, Minimalist art. Created with sheets of clear acrylic colored with self-adhesive filters, and punctuated by border stripes of black vinyl, Perimeter investigates the nature of the room which houses work, and identifies with the idea of being work. Says the artist in an interview with Wallpaper*’s Emma O’Kelly, “It’s so simple. It follows the perimeter of the room, which is an unusual L-shape, with varying heights. It’s a complicated space, but more exciting to work with than a white cube. Playing with the idea of the perimeter – something I have never done before – I built the piece in-situ, as always…The colours are simple – I could only get four colours of Plexiglas. I arrange them in alphabetical order depending on the language of the country I’m in, so for this piece, they are arranged as they are spelt in English. I always apply this system as soon as I start using more than two colours.” (via wallpaper*)

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ZER01: The Art and Technology Network Presents the 3rd 01SJ Biennial


ZERo1: International array of recognized artists, designers, engineers, filmmakers, musicians, architects and others representing “digital culture” to converge in Silicon Valley September 16-19 2010

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Sculptures Of Prominent Figures Made Out Of Wonder Bread

korolczuksculpture2 korolczuksculpture9 korolczuksculpture12

Oakland-based artist Milena Korolczuk is best known for her work in film, but has recently turned to the medium of Wonder Bread. With the bread and water, she forms a malleable entity, and using precise instruments, she fashions tiny sculptures of iconic historical, pop culture, literature, and art images. Her renditions of these figures are impressively accurate and faithful. Figures pictured are Walt Disney, Vladimir Lenin, Plato, Claude Levi-Strauss, Prometheus, John Malkovich, Andy Warhol, Jay-Z, Jean-Paul Sartre, Stonehenge, Earth, and Marina Abramović.


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Artist Reflects On The Rape Of His Mother In Breathtaking/Heartbreaking Photographs

Jordan Sullivan - Digital C-Print

Jordan Sullivan - Digital C-Print

Jordan Sullivan - Digital C-Print


Jordan Sullivan’s series The Burial Cloud examines and reflects on the rape of his mother in 1973, Petacalco, Mexico. Each photograph is just a glimpse into a memory, a fleeting moment that we cannot hold onto or make sense of. Sullivan has created this series from found photos and letters from his mother, as well as his own staged photography. The tone in the photographs quickly changes from adventurous and carefree to somber and destructive, all the while embodying the same distant vagueness. This leaves us with curiosity and wonder of the events that took place. Sullivan explains:

“[My mother] had traveled with her friends to Petacalco in search of an epic wave that a pair of surfers had recently discovered.”

This series lays out the event just as it would appear as a memory; in fragmented images that shift throughout time. There is no implication of a time or place in much of the imagery, just a window inward reflecting on the human psyche. The emotion of the woman shown, the photographer’s mother, changes from bright and excited to isolated and alone. The Burial Cloud is a journey in which we must piece together a story we cannot fully understand. A story told through disjointed, stunning images that include roaring oceans, burning flora, and scenes of discontent. These ethereal photographs radiate feelings of discovery, doubt, youth, and fear. Sullivan shines light on a delicate subject while beautifully capturing his mother and a tragic past. The Burial Cloud will be released as an illustrated biography in 2016, and will include photographs, text, and collages.

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Gallery Tour – LeBasse Projects

LeBasse Projects

We interns went exploring/gallery hoppin’ this past week, as the Beautiful/Decay office resides conveniently in the heart of the Culver City Art District.

I was particularly charmed by “Seasonal Change,” a group exhibition which just opened at LeBasse Projects on June 20th. With a line-up featuring the talents of Edwin Ushiro, James Roper, and Tessar Lo, this exhibition just sounded so promising! Some pieces are ethereal with slightly serious undertones; others are blatantly whimsical and playfully riotous, but all seem to be on the brink of something explosive…on the verge of unleashing ear-splitting noise.

“Seasonal Change” runs until mid-July, I believe, so be sure to check it out before then!

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Minni Havas

Minni Havas’ richly colored fashion illustrations are full of movement and impeccable detail.

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7 Days Left Until B/D Business Card Giveaway Ends!


There are only 7 days left until the deadline for the Beautiful/Decay Business Card Giveaway! So don’t forget to send us your most creative business card ideas!

One piece of advice we impart to our interns at Beautiful/Decay is that a well-designed, professional business card is one of the most critical tools anyone seeking a job can have- especially in the creative field! So, Beautiful/Decay is presenting a competition to see who can design the best business card for themselves and/or their business. Please send us your most innovative, eye-catching card graphics! The most creative card will win 500 free cards printed courtesy of! (Note: We will be posting the winners on the blog–so if you don’t want your personal information broadcasted please also send a version of the file with dummy text.)

Deadline: July 28th, 2009 6:00pm PST

-Email submissions to: with the subject line: Business Card Contest
-Format is 2 x 3.5″
-Business card graphic includes front & back, full color
-Winner may select any paper type
-For all template & file specification requirements please visit UPrinting’s guidelines.

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