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Joshua Hibbert

Cyrstalized love typography, sexy legs coming out of the universe, women caught in spider webs and more can all be found in the design and illustration portfolio of  London based Joshua Hibbert.

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The Swirling Op-Art Pedestrian Bridge

Towering 13 stories above the Des Moines River Valley in Iowa, The High Trestle Trail Bridge is one of the largest foot bridges in the world. Completed last year, the bridge now comes complete with one of the best examples of public art I’ve seen in a long time. Designed by David B. Dahlquist of RDG Dahlquist Art Studio, the steel  beams that swirl around the bridge not only accentuates the motion of pedestrians moving back and forth across the bridge but also create a gorgeous op-art effect that makes you feel as though you’re in the middle of a surreal stop motion animation. (via) Nighttime photographs by Homemade Iowa Life.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Luke Million- Arnold


As if being Mr. Universe, an interantional action film star, The Governator, and your favorite old ladies babies daddy wasn’t enough Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now making his breakthrough in music with this collabo with Luke Million. What’s next Arnold? Are you going to become a firefighter and an astronaut? Get pumped up and watch the full video after the jump!

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Mouthwatering Photographs Of Color Coded Candy

BlincoePhotography8 BlincoePhotography BlincoePhotography7

Photographer Emily Blincoe has created a bright, fun, and mouth-watering photo series using a candy color palette. Blincoe’s series features candy grouped by color and meticulously arranged using a background that matches the featured candy’s color. This series provokes a number of sensory experiences related to color and how we perceive the taste, smell, and texture of a candy because of its color. These photographs also bring us back to childhood’s first encounters with the arrangement of candy in sweet shops, and the allure found in shiny unwrapped packages. Some of Blincoe’s other photography also features various neatly-arranged groups of objects. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

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Custom Made Artist Rugs Raise Money For Children In Nepal

rug design by CHAMO

  Marcroy, the director of People of Print who has been featured with us before here, joined the Made By Node team (a non-profit social business) back in April 2012 to help curate and organize a collection of 18 designers from across the globe.  Each artist created their own graphic for a signature one of a kind rug design which was then crafted into a fair trade carpet, limited to an edition of 10 per artist.  ALL of the proceeds from the rug sales go to support a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen in Nepal.  Each rug is hand crafted by Kumbeshwar rug makers and each employee is taught literacy and skills in addition to fair wages.   The project already has been receiving some notable recognition from Creative Review, and Telegraph’s editor for Tent London.  Made by Node will be selling the rugs and exhibiting them alongside Pecha Kucha talks during Fairtrade Fortnight in 2013.

Marcroy continued on to tell me that “the scope for future projects with Node is almost infinite.  We are looking to keep the snowball rolling and get more people involved with this amazing project.  People can also start getting their own designs crafted at a fee.”
Here is the list of the 18 artists that contributed a design for this beneficial community project:

Donna WilsonBeatrice Alemagna , Sanna AnnukkaPetra Borner , Chamo , Benji Davies , Chris Haughton , Clayton Junior , Lesley Barnes , Jon Klassen , Micah Lidberg , Joe Magee , Geoff McFetridge , Neasden Control Centre , Patternity , Serge Seidlitz , Marcroy Smith , Kevin Waldron

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Yudi Noor


Neon lights are no longer bound to the buzzing drone of roadside restaurant signs as they have been freed by artist Yudi Noor. Yes that’s right, his mixed media works light themselves! Seriously though, check out his cool experimentation with neon tubes.

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Dominic Mangila: New Republic


Phillipines-born, New York City-based artist Dominic Mangila is currently having a single-painting show entitled New Republic at Marvelli Gallery through April 4. Also the name of the massive, near-7 by 9 foot painting, New Republic represents a 2 ½ year effort to portray Mangila’s family’s home province of Pampanga which was left in a state of destruction following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.


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Out Now! Beautiful/Decay The Seven Deadly Sins Book!

Don’t forget to get your copy of the limited edition Beautiful/Decay The Seven Deadly Sins Book!

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, and Envy have been explored—and challenged—for centuries by artists, scholars, and writers. In this issue of Beautiful/Decay, you’ll find artists who explore these themes through a contemporary lens, either by explicitly calling out those deemed guilty of committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins, or by turning the sweeping notion of sin right on its head.

James Gobel tackles Pride through felt portraits of colorfully clad, sexually charged, plus-size bears, and continuing the exploration of Lust, we have the raw and lascivious Polaroids of Jeremy Kost. View Tom Littleson’s bloody portraiture drawings and their relationship with Wrath. See how cover artists Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s adept use of personified garbage channels Gluttony. Libby Black’s paint-and-paper sculptures replicate Envy-inducing luxury brand goods, while paintings and drawings from Brendan Danielsson address the social and physical epidemic of Sloth. Finally, Greed lies at the center of Ghost of a Dream’s hypnotic sculptural art and immersive installations. We’ve also invited international artists, illustrators, and designers to create original pieces for our Project Pages based on all seven sins.

Other featured artists: Carolyn Janssen, Okay Mountain, Colette Robbins, Cleon Peterson, Micah Ganske, Zoe Charlton, Penelope Gottlieb, Paul Mullins, Keith Puccinelli, Travis Somerville, Kara Maria, Aideen Barry, Travis Collinson, Geoffrey Chasedy, John Knuth.

Each copy of Beautiful/Decay: The Seven Deadly Sins comes blind packed with either a zine by Terence Hannum or Heather Benjamin or a limited edition silk screen print by Paul Nudd!


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