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Milk and Cookies

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Milk and Cookies

Name: Ryan Riss
Title: Milk and Cookies
Date: 2010
Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches
Medium: Ink on archival paper


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Ryan Riss' work is driven from an interest in figurative shapes and their relationship and formation to each other and themselves in constructing a dialogue with the viewer. He experiments with repetition and the design. Striving to allude to a larger image energy and constructing a striking visual discourse. Ryan believes that life is a lesson in looking past what's on the surface, taking the trip and trusting intuition to yield something wonderful that wasn't foreseen. It's basically psychedelic mantras for a tropical future- on repeat.


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Eight months ago I bought my first house and renovated it, which meant my art collection was packed up in boxes and bubble wrap not to be seen for another 5 months. In the mean time, staring at the boring white walls in my house was literally driving me up a wall. And the second the dust settled, before even moving in the furniture, I installed every piece of art I owned in the new space. The art transformed the whole house, what felt soulless and sterile before was now filled with the chatter of all the different works of art telling their individual stories. That got me to thinking about how important art is in making a house a home, and how everyone should be able to collect it. That’s how the the Click To Collect project was born. We wanted to give everyone a chance to collect our favorite artists and keep the prices to $500 or less…. Art Within Reach, if you will, ahem. Each week this month we will offer you 5-10 original hand-made works priced $500 or below through our Click To Collect project. It’s our hope that by making these original works available at these prices, we’re helping our readers start or grow their very own collection that they will enjoy and treasure for years to come. 


Amir H. Fallah



Editor-In-Chief/ Founder

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