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B/D Book Triple Pack

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B/D Book Triple Pack

Get 3 Beautiful/Decay books for the price of two and save. With this package deal you'll get  B/D Book 7: Class Clowns, B/d Book 8: Strange Daze, and B/D Book 9 : The Seven Deadly sins. Each book is 164 pages, full color, 7x9inches,  perfect bound, hand numbered in an edition of 1500 or 200, and comes with special inserts.  


B/D Book 7- Class Clowns Book

164 pages, full color, 7x9 inches, hand numbered on the back cover in an edition of 2,000

Laughter is universal; it transcends culture, trends, and time. The art world, however, is not considered to be droll. Galleries and museums are stoic, intellectual spaces and works of art are discussed in academic terms. Yet in this scholarly world there are artists that buck conventions and use humor to engage us and make us laugh and think. Art is a medium of communication and the artists in this issue have found that humor is the most powerful way to engage their audience and convey their message. 

This class clowns issue of Beautiful/Decay is dedicated to those artists who pack their work not only with meaning but with a powerful punch line that keeps us coming back for more. Join us as we delve into the world of Winnie Truong’s surreal and funny portraits, and find the humor in Devin Troy Strother’s discomfort with his own race. Witness how Maurizio Cattelan has become the art world’s premier prankster and gain insight into artistic duo littlewhitehead’s mixture of dark humor and lo-tech fabrication. View our cover artist Stefan Glerum’s arresting illustrations, and Ben Aqua’s subversive photography. See how William Powhida’s cynical, self-deprecating, and universally criticizing works take the role of the court jester to a new level. As if that weren’t enough to keep you busy, we’ve also invited an international cast of artists, illustrators, and designers to create original works for our Project Pages based on our theme.

So get out your X-ray specs as we explore the worlds of Beautiful/Decay’s class clowns.


Other featured artists: William Barry Roberts, Mark Benson, Charles Irvin, Chris Kerr, Daniel Davidson, David Leggett, Felipe Goncalves, Ginette Lapalme, Jared Andrew Schorr, Mark Flood, MR. Phomer, Sisilia Piring, Stephen Kelleher, Milana Braslavsky


B/D Book 8- Strange Daze Book:

164 pages, full color, 7x9 inches, hand numbered on the back cover in an edition of 1,500

Something is different lately. The Earth has shifted its axis and now everything seems to have moved to the right by a couple of inches. A dark wind blows. The birds aren't flying south like nature normally commands them to, and you can tell the animals know something we don't. 

These are Strange Daze, Beautiful/Decay's revelation of the phenomenal and paranormal minds of artists. In a world-surreal, where every night holds a full moon, strange has become an adjective that plagues and ponders our daily existence

Seek creative passage through the barren void in the company of this book's featured artists, as we first find Olaf Hajek, a painter whose work holds séance to colorful spectre. Encounter Shamus Clisset, who plays host to a glimpse into his work and its otherworldly humor-macabre. Become self-aware of a hole in your head as splashes of psychedelic work by Fredrik Åkum drip onto your synaesthetic brain. Witness the chemical rainbow that glows around the work of Timo Vaittinen, pulsating its life and character. Uncover Hew Locke's sculpture and its ability to pierce through joint and marrow, straight into one's fifth eye. Examine Jeremy Dower's visceral work, which will haunt you like a howling spirit through the realms of both the flesh and digital until finally Neil Krug, whose photography will leave you coma-bound in a visual fever.


In line with apocalyptic forebodings, celestial encounters, and unexplained experiences, Strange Daze presents an astonishing collection of artwork that is documented proof of many famous speculated phenomena. The book that you hold in your hands is filled to the brim with works that will shake the foundations of human culture forever if released to the masses.


Also featuring: Christine Gray, Michael Willis, Raymond Lemstra, LNY, Kira Leigh, Todd Ryan White, Jeanti, Justin Williams, Robby Day, Andrea Wan, Henry Gunderson, Berto Legendary H, Nicholas Kennedy Sitton, Ben Beshaw, Brendan Flanagan 


B/D Book 9-Seven Deadly Sins Book:

164 pages, full color, 7x9 inches, hand numbered on the back cover in an edition of 1,500

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, and Envy have been explored—and challenged—for centuries by artists, scholars, and writers. This issue of Beautiful/Decay features artists who explore these themes through a contemporary lens, either by explicitly calling out those deemed guilty of committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins, or by turning the sweeping notion of sin right on its head. 

Twenty-one participating artists and seven writers featured within these pages bring varying perspectives to the discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins. James Gobel tackles Pride through felt portraits of colorfully clad, sexually charged, plus-size bears, and continuing the exploration of Lust, we have the raw and lascivious Polaroids of New York–based artist Jeremy Kost. View Tom Littleson's bloody portraiture drawings and their relationship with Wrath. See how cover artists Tim Noble & Sue Webster's adept use of personified garbage channels gluttony. Libby Black's paint-and-paper sculptures replicate envy-inducing luxury brand goods, while painting and drawings from Brendan Danielsson address the social and physical epidemic of Sloth. Finally, Greed lies at the center of Ghost of a Dream's hypnotically-visual sculptural art and immersive installations. We've also invited international artists, illustrators, and designers to create original pieces for our Project Pages based on all seven sins. 


Other featured artists: Carolyn Janssen, Okay Mountain, Colette Robbins, Cleon Peterson, Micah Ganske, Zoe Charlton, Penelope Gottlieb, Paul Mullins, Keith Puccinelli, Travis Somerville, Kara Maria, Aideen Barry, Travis Collinson, Geoffrey Chasedy, John Knuth


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