Michael Caine’s Political Fairytales

Michael Caine’s current work situates American political figures, both past and present, in altered 18th century paintings and Christian religious kitsch, referencing scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, and the Wizard of Oz. Drawing on the lineage of political cartooning in these pictures, Caines treats Richard Nixon, JFK, and Carl Rove, among others, with surprising tenderness and humor.


B/D In Wonderland


What the inside of my brain looks like after a long day of art making about Beautiful/Decay working!

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Chris Appelhans

Character Design for Monster House: Jenny, DJ, and Chowder

Character Design for Monster House: Jenny, DJ, and Chowder


Chris Appelhans has done some awesome production and character design for films like Monster House, City of Ember, and Coraline. He exhibits a fabulous range, from the ultra-dark and disgustingly well-rendered to the innocent and simple–and oftentimes the two realms overlap. How his work always seems to retain a sense of hope is beyond me! 


Check out his Frank and Frank cartoons as well as his modern-day adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (pictures after the jump, of course!).