“Growing Young”


For those of you in Chicago, and fans of Austin Eddy and Howard Fonda’s works, they’ll be having a two person exhibition at Hungry Man gallery, opening next month on May 15th. Check out a couple of their works after the jump.

Artist Interview: Austin Eddy



Disco Party, 2009. acrylic, spray paint on panel. 20 x 16"

Austin Eddy’s works are fascinated with magic, from the faux-scrying joke shop tool of the “Magic 8-ball,” to (seemingly Michael Jackson’s) magician’s sequined gloves, personified wizard hats or rainbow dust emitting bongs/flutes. Multiple painting processes abound, from (real!) glitter, spraypaint and beyond to cast comedic spells of play and fancy. Read the full interview after the jump.


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Austin Eddy


If you are reading this right now, then you stil have time to catch Austin Eddys new work at Thrones Gallerys show Insider Art . 123 N. Jefferson st. in Chicago. It closes the 10th so you better jump on that plane soon, Im not sure what the time difference is.