Magnus Pettersson


Magnus Pettersson… is a name I would want if I were a guy. He is also an editorial photographer working from Berlin. While I do enjoy his portraits, it’s his personal portfolio that I am very interested in. This is because the people in his work appear transient within their environment – they just dissolve into the atmosphere.

DTAGNO & the Circleculture Gallery


Like graffiti? Me too! And you’ll find some of the best graffiti art within the city of Berlin. Perhaps its for this very reason the Circleculture Gallery is focused on promoting urban art & artists such as Daniel Tagno. This Berlin-based grafitti artist has been playing with the configuration of his paintcans into a tool he calls the gadget to manipulate their patterns; like writing with multiple pens in parallel, and the results are beautiful! Daniel also takes his art beyond the paintcan in his series titled FÜR SEMPRE and beyond the walls with his PAINTINGS.

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Juan Arata

arata_09Juan Arata is an artist from Argentina now living in Berlin. His paintings are nothing other than imaginative and provocative.

In the “About” section of his website, Jo Wilmot writes: “Juan Arata’s nihilistic paintings explore the contemporary consumer culture and installation. He state that we are almost completely shaped by the brands we interact with. The characters in Arata’s paintings are miserable, trapped, branded and confused. The miserable, ugly subjects appear to be attempting to copy the lifestyle they have seen depicted in the media but fall short. They are just not good looking enough, they are too unhappy, too stupid or too old…”

Katrin Hagen

brian Berlin based Illustrator Katrin Hagen has a healthy sense of humor & she shares that with us through her illustrations. Uncluttered, witty, honest, and a few simply brilliant!