Dreamy Multiple Exposure Photographs by the Seven Fields of Aphelion


In addition to playing keys and synths in the popular Psych music outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, Maureen Boyle (aka the Seven Fields of Aphelion) makes multiple exposure photographs that happen to correspond perfectly to the sounds of BMSR and her Seven Fields solo project. Dreamy, faded, and slightly off-kilter, the pictures are full of fantasy and Nature. You can buy jet prints of these at her Etsy page. There’s always been a bit of mystery surrounding Black Moth (what with the pseudonyms and everything), and this project fall somewhere along the same lines. But that’s okay. With photos as gorgeous as these (the prints are affordable too), there’s not really much that needs to be said.

Video Watch: You’ve Got A Radical Friend

Yeasayer “O.N.E” Dir: Radical Friend from Radical Friend on Vimeo.

Radical Friend is a directorial duo comprised of Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian, which makes colorful music videos, commercials, and films that literally rock your socks off. By combining their obvious love for the wildest aesthetics of the late 70’s and early 80’s with the modern technology of interactivity, Radical Friend have been the only ones to really push the boundaries of how to even conceive of, let alone execute promotional standards like the music video. Their uniqueness is seriously unmatched and while a majority of people may not understand what they’re doing now, they will soon be immersed in the kind of things that Radical Friend probably dreamt of years ago. To get a small taste of Radical Friend’s world, I suggest you watch the pieces in this article and then play around with THIS interactive Black Moth Super Rainbow extravaganza.

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Black Moth Super Rainbow

Not only does Black Moth Super Rainbow make amazing music, they also brought their music videos to a whole new level with interactivity for this Dark Bubbles piece. Like, what? Just move your mouse around from right to left (the webcam activated one doesn’t seem to be working…). The concept is really simple-just a guy jumping up and down on a trampoline, but smart at the same time. I kind of wish there was more variation though.