Taylor James Is Beneath Your Skin

TaylorJames Studio has some amazing CGI and post production work on their portfolio site. Not only is the photography and effects fantastic but they bring a level of creativity to the projects that take it beyond a “looks cool” approach that is so common with effects.

Awesome Video of the Day: Mindplotter

The juxtaposition between war/peace runs rampant throughout this beautifully rendered piece by Passion Pictures. I’m unsure of what it’s for but the message is heard loud and clear through amazingly computer generated images.

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Bryan Christie


Inspired by the recent photography book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, commercial illustrator Bryan Christie has begun posting some new recreations of NYC storefronts on his blog. The illustrations are done in his familiar style – very slick and clean 3D stuff, which creates an interesting disconnect from these stores’ urban environments. There are three of them so far, hopefully more to come.