Lala Albert has consistently drawn the most beautiful multi-eyed freaks for years now. I’ve never seen theme and variation work this well before, and I don’t believe I will get tired of her work any time soon. Catch her sprawling comics at Vice , in Chameleon and Gang Bang Bong, and on Arthur Mag. She tumbles, flicks, textiles, and twits. Sassy. Oozy. Gals.


This Thanksgiving, let us be grateful for the delicious imagery of “the master of voluptuousness” Jonny Negron. Not since Tom of Finland have I witnessed this caliber of graphic plumpness, and once your eyes fall upon these beauties you’ll be hooked. I really wish those two dudes could collaborate, unfortunately Tom of Finland is dead, but luckily, Negron and Jesse Balmer collaborate often, yielding plenty of awesome finishes. You can catch both of these men in CHAMELEON and DEMON GOD GOBLIN HEAVEN, and after that check out Jonny while he flicks, tumbles, and sells wonderful shit at these hyperlinks. Do enjoy.

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