B/D X Sticker Robot Contest: And The Winner Is…

Last week we had a contest where you were asked to write a clever sentence using our sponsors name “Sticker Robot.” We got a lot of fun entries but after going through all of them we picked this lucky winner:  Hey Sticker Robot, I’m a stickler for stickers and know how to pick um, and unlike stamps there’s no need to lick um. Bam!

Congrats to Felisha Gonzales who will be getting a massive grab bag with copies of Beautiful/Decay Book 2Book 3, and Book 4, 3 Beautiful/Decay t-shirts, and a limited edition Fudge Factory Comics sticker pack by Travis Millard!

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UPDATE: Plywerk Your Work


Hey Readers, we’ve been loving all the Plywerk contest submissions so far, make sure you them commin’! There is definitely a lot of talent within the Beautiful/Decay crowd. Also, a little reminder that Tuesday (August 25) will be your last chance to submit your work. For all of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, here is the link to our Plywerk contest post: Plywerk Contest

Good luck guys!

Giveaway: Ladies, Time for a New Purse?


Are you tired of totin’ around your goods in a trashed out purse? If you’re guilty of carting your art supplies, clothes, overnight gear or even puppy in a pimped out hole-filled plastic bag (as B/D mascot, Ziggy, models above)…..then it might be time for a new purse! Thankfully Beautiful/Decay and Moop are coming to your rescue! We are giving away one Market Bag (images after the jump), which features tons of pouches, d-rings for cell phones and keys, zipper pockets and more. All you have to do is send a photo of your wrecked purse (you can get creative and make one as well, like we did). Most horrifically un-stylish bag will get swapped out with a new one in any color of your choice, ’cause, we’ll probably feel sorry for you.

Submit photos to: [email protected]

Title Subject of email: Trashed Bag= New Bag

Contest Deadline: Friday August 14th, 1pm PST

Submit an artist for our blog, win a B/D shirt!


We want you to contribute to our blog! In celebration of International T-Shirt day June 21st, Beautiful/Decay and Tee Junction are pairing up to dish out an awesome  new contest. Leave a link to an artist’s portfolio you think we should feature on the B/D blog in the comments section, along with a brief description of how you heard about them and why you like their work. If we choose your artist to be posted on the blog, we’ll send you a free Beautiful/Decay Apparel shirt! Submissions are due by Monday, June 8, 9PM PST. We can’t wait to see your contributions!


*Sorry guys- this one’s limited to domestic entries- shirts will only be shipped within the U.S!


May 20th has come and gone! Your submissions were awesome and we had fun here at B/D seeing them all come through.

Now, time for the winners (in no particular order). Drumroll, please…






Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes


B/D: What was your inspiration & process behind creating this graphic?
PF: I love 3D volumetry and also 2D flatness. I start some hand drawing as a base then in end reconstructing shapes in the computer. The splat thing came when listening to Femme Fatale and some other Canadian punk. If it lasted longer, there would be blood everywhere…


B/D: Are you in the creative field – or what is your day job?
PF: Part-time designer in the furniture industry. And, part-time illustrator at my home.


B/D: What is your preferred medium?
PF: I like the one that is looking at me. Readiness to hand. If the medium isn’t ready then it is not suitable to me.


B/D: What is your fave kind of mustache?
PF: Currently I carry a full beard, but I recommend the Cantiflas style.



WINNER #2: TwoLobesOneBrain






B/D: What was your inspiration & process behind creating this graphic?


TLOB: Currently we work on a hand-drawn faces project, and when we saw the “stache ‘n shades” contest a couple of days ago, we found an interesting link between hand drawn treatment and Photofit-like illustration. We used the photofit treatment with our faces (pencil) and we saw the stache like an accessory like shades, to change our faces maybe like a criminal running.


B/D: Are you in the creative field- or what is your day job?


TLOB: We are a little graphic design studio based in Paris (France), named TLOB (TwoLobesOneBrain).


B/D: What is your preferred medium?


TLOB: Today it’s Screenprinting.


B/D: What is your fave kind of mustache?


TLOB: Inigo Montoya’s mustache.







Sean Van Praag

Sean Van Praag


B/D: What was your inspiration & process behind creating this graphic?


SVP: I came across the ad for the best shades and stache contest and thought that was a pretty bad ass contest, and I had some free time so I wanted to see what I could come up with.. The process.. for this one I really had it pictured pretty well in my head before I started. Kinda bad-ass-og-cowboy-robots cruisin’ the desert. Than I drew up a sketch… decided it would look coolest in 3D and then just went from there, playing around until I felt it had reached its full potential of awesomeness. 


B/D: Are you in the creative field- or what is your day job?


SVP: My day job, I’m a motion designer/ animator/ director. Right now I freelance at motion design studios in the LA area working on everything from commercials to music videos to network television. I’m really looking to get into directing/ creating music videos, short film animations and spend most of my spare time working on short animations. 


B/D: What is your preferred medium?


SVP: I don’t know that I have a preferred medium, they all kinda have their ups and downs, but painting/ drawing are what I do to chill out. 


B/D: What is your fave kind of mustache?


SVP: Tough call, I’d say its a toss between the twirly dali-stache, and big ass handlebars, they’re both pretty bad ass.