Nicholas Chistiakov’s Figurative Deconstructivist Paintings

chistiakovpainting chistiakovpainting2 chistiakovpainting9

Nicholas Chistiakov moved with this parents from the Soviet Union to New York in 2003. While it was a difficult transition, after Chistiakov found inspiration in the found he found in museums in galleries. His first works were impressionistic in style, but shortly after these, his work a took a more photorealistic turn. After more inspiration from staying in Germany in 2005, Chistiakov had produced enough work for his own show in 2007, but the accumulated stress after this exhibition necessitated a stay in a psychiatric hospital. After this experience, his artwork changed to a more figurative style, reminiscent of Francis Bacon, and what he describes as deconstructivism. His work is abstracted and glitchy, and sometimes features iconic figures. Chistiakov currently lives in Brooklyn.

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