The Textile-based Typography Of Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov Evelin Kasikov Evelin Kasikov

A stunning collision of tactile, CMYK color, the work of London’s Evelin Kasikov lies squarely between object and image—a seamless combination of craft and design. After spending a decade working in advertising, Kasikov decided to expand her scope as a graphic designer by incorporating embroidery techniques into her work. Her approach to the craft is analytical, using her well-developed typographic skill set, grid systems, design techniques to challenge the preconceptions of embroidery as a system of making. Kasikov’s basic process is to map out the composition for each project, then she hand-stitches each image with a cyan-magenta-yellow-kohl breakdown, similar to offset printing processes. The resulting work is graphically rich, and brings an element of handwork back into the graphic design process—something that adds a layer of complexity and humanity to work that would otherwise be purely computer-generated.

Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov, out of London, is basically who I want to be when I grow up (aka… 8 months from now?). She  explains that her work “explores how we see and experience printed matter. By transforming printing processes into handmade cross-stitch embroidery my work is influenced by craft, but still retains the context of graphic design. Whilst I work with variety of mediums, engagement with materials and love for detail remains at the heart of my practice.” Evelin makes beautiful works of art that truly capture the bridge between haptic and graphic design. 


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