Fun With Oliver Dunn

I am really enjoying UK artist Oliver Dunn’s work!

Angeline Rivas’s Ballpoint Madness

Angeline Rivas‘s intense ballpoint pen drawings are complex and detailed beyond belief. 

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Osman Granda

Osman Granda is a designer and animator working out of Barcelona, Spain. He has some kickass detailed illustrations that are just flat out fun.

Adam Simpson Is Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours

I believe I just took in my daily needed intake of design, color, typography, and humor in Adam Simpson’s wonderful collection of illustrations. My favorite has to be Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. I’m sure you all remember that video. Terrible, terrible situation turned into a charming, funny illustration. My giggles are echoing around the B/D office as we speak.

Chris Kuzma’s Weird Weird World

I am really enjoying Canadian artist Chris Kuzma’s illustrations.   His work is peculiar, slightly off-putting and embodies bright colors and weirdness!

Tom Hovey’s Watercolor Odyssey

English artist Tom Hovey creates beautiful raw illustrations with watercolor.

Sydney Phillips Hardin’s Blow Up Palin

Massachusetts based artist Sydney Hardin’s work questions the relationship between the female gender and the media and asks the viewer why over simplified representations of female sexuality are aimed at male and female consumers alike.  I am really enjoying her work, not to mention the name of her website! ( )

Edward Kinsella Soothing Figures

There is something peaceful and almost soothing about the charming characters in  Edward Kinsella’s illustrations.