Kenny B. Harris

Kenny B. Harris has some awesome posters using mix and digital media. Check it out!

Fabio Tonetto

Fabio Tonetto has some pretty crazy illustrations where his cute characters look like they are made out muscle tissue or twisted veins. You can check out his flickr page as well.

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Jason Rood’s Bearded Monsters

I love Jason Rood’s illustrations and the way he incorporates his sense of humor into his work.  Especially his beard series; so tight!

A Day In Decay: The Tampa Express

Dealing with the ups and downs of an independent business can at times be a drag, but getting packages like this in the mail makes all the work worthwhile. I first met Justin B. Nelson when he entered our contest with Colt45. Justin was one of the top ten finalists and his work was entered in our show at Synchronicity Gallery. I loved Justin’s work in the show but was blown away when I met him at the opening. At first I thought Justin had drove an hour or two, but he flew in all the way from Tampa, FL just to check out the show! If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. Since then, Justin’s been part of the Cult of Decay. We’ve only met each other once but we probably email or send each other tweets at least once a week. It’s amazing to be able to connect with creative people without the restrictions of distance. (The internet kicks ass!)

Anyways back to the package… Yesterday our mailman brought us an envelope all the way from Tampa. it included not only a print of one of my favorite pieces in the Colt45 show but also a note from Justin. It might not seem like much but it’s a great feeling to get feedback like this. We get caught up in all the chaos of running the show and sometimes forget that YOU are out there reading our books, wearing our shirts, and spreading the good word of decay!  I’m glad that you guys are out there. Without your there would be no Beautiful/Decay.

P.S.  You can check out a larger image of Justin’s print after the jump along with his note. You can also get a copy of his sick print here.

Ashley Morris

Can something be so unbelievably ridiculous that it is actually good? That is what Ashley Morris’s illustrations are to us. We just simply cannot ignore them.

Jon Bocksel

Illustrator and photographer Jon Blocksel makes some cool illustrations. I especially like his “Possibility for a Swear Word” series.  Pretty sure keyboards should start including those symbols.

Maria Imaginario

Freelance illustrator Maria Imaginario creates  interactive illustrations infused with personality and humor.  I particularly love her illustration with the dancing poo man!  Really awesome stuff.

Tim Enthoven

Dutch artist Tim Enthoven’s illustrations are both provocative and fun.  His art is so rad, I love the way he incorporates humor into his work.