Jason Murphy

There is something wrong in Jason Murphy’s portraits. He illustrates people who appear to have a few screws loose. Their often asymmetrical faces dawn either a look of certain absence or of urgent excitement. This is all contrasted of course by his beautiful, delicate mark-making that which feels so light, and feathery.

Audrey May Erickson

Audrey May Erickson’s high energy illustrational style is perfect for grabbing attention. Look like punk rock flyers for a show or something.

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Ted Vasin

Ted Vasin illustrates an intensely surreal world for his viewers to get lost into. Combining his tight representational drawing skills with colorful abstract forms, Ted succeeds in both keeping us in awe of his draftsmanship, and a little disturbed through subject matter.

Mike Bertino

Illustrator Mike Bertino’s overwhelming amount of creative imagination, humor, and striking palette find their place in his illustrations. Though his loud and bright illustrations appear to be a constant streamline of drug-haze crazy, make no mistake – it is all held together by the attention to intricate design, and executed by a skillful hand.

Treasure Frey

Born into a long bloodline of creatives, illustrator Treasure Frey’s work of collage/ drawings is certainly something to watch for. Her work reminds me a lot of the awesome animations from Monty Python, except with the intricate combination of beautiful mark-making with varying line weights, loops, and brightly colored shapes, she has made a killer style of her own.

James Jean

Taiwanese artist James Jean creates beautiful illustrations and paintings. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Matthew Daniel Swan

I am really enjoying Matthew Daniel Swan’s work. He creates beautiful illustrations and paintings from which he draws inspiration from pulp cartoons and references Trenton Doyle Hancock. Swan was born in 1987 and works and lives in Edinburgh.

Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers reflects the time we are living in through his body of work.  He touches on topics pertaining to contemporary body politics, isolation, and hope.