Mario Sughi


Dublin-based Italian illustrator and cartoonist Mario Sughi mixes a concoction of bright palettes of line, pattern and paint, with content shades darker.

Andrew Groves

Andrew Groves, aka IMAKETHINGS,  is a freelance illustrator creating graphics and characters that show the beauty of the natural world with a style of folklore.

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Chris Dent


Chris Dents‘ illustrations on architecture explore the modern metropolis. His unique pen style shows the energy of the city through intricate and detailed drawings.

More work by Kotryna Zukauskaite

+ rodchenko final smallWho says statistics can’t be fun? UK based illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite brings paper to life to serve up statistics, with whimsy, in her new project titled “How to Play Statistics.”

Rob Flowers


Rob Flowers illustration and artwork takes you back to the circus days. His whimsical themes, and fantastic illustrations makes you feel like a kid again


zuttoZutto is an illustrator and designer based in Russia. The imaginative worlds she creates are quite spectacular, so check it out.

Will Ritson

Will RitsonWill Ritson sent us an email of some of his work. This guy knows how to push a pencil. His illustrations are pretty sweet, so enjoy!

Sophia Blackall

Sophia Blackall

Craigslist’s missed connections is addicting for multiple reasons. It’s easy to spend all day reading about the possible love stories that surround us all day, and its also nice to read about people that may or may not be more desperate than yourself. Either way, Sophia Blackall’s illustrations of missed connections is the perfect accompaniment to otherwise image-less stories.