Konstantin Shalev

konstantin shalev

Konstantin Shalev is a Russian illustrator who, at 23, is tearing up the internets (his Behance username is appropriately Ripper). Sporting a slick, cartoony style, Shalev’s characters and patterns have been featured on multiple Threadless shirts, in Popular Mechanics magazine, and more.

Yuta Onoda

yuta onodaYuta Onoda is a very talented painter, illustrator, and printmaker from Japan. He graduated from Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration at Sheridan College, Canada, and has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, hoping to find new avenues to express himself.

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Fede Yankelevich

darky fede yankelevichSpanish illustrator Fede Yankelevich has been creating some pretty awesome work. Although I can’t seem to find much information on him, he is quite the talented guy and the work speaks for itself.

Akira Nishitake

Akira Nishitake

I came across the works of Akira Nishitake and fell in love with his illustrations (his website is pretty fun too). Akira Nishitake is a Japanese designer and illustrator. He explores a wide range of work styles including painting, drawing manga, and font design. I don’t know too much about him because his whole site is in Japanese, but definitely check him out.

Paint My Album

Paint My Album

I think the world would be a better place if all album covers were done in Microsoft Paint…maybe not…but every single one of these remade album covers has made me laugh and that’s worth something. Diramuid and Anthony the founders of “Paint My Album” have gotten over 1,800 album covers redone. Submit your own primitive (or fanciful, depending on your MS Paint skills..) recreation at [email protected]

Tim Lahan

tim lahan photography
Tim Lahan is a New York based illustrator and designer who happened to float to the surface in our Flickr pool. His fun retro-style of work does exactly what he wants by communicating visually in a simple and fun way. Keep the fun coming Lahan, we love it!

Chris Pell

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Chris Pell is a 21 year old graduate from Brighton University. Pell is a very unique animator, photographer, and illustrator who uses religious symbolism in a majority of his work on Flickr. Just incase you were wondering, Pell loves “fantasy worlds, alchemy, soca music, mysticism, horror movies…” and the list goes on. He is readily available to take commissions and also has prints for sale upon contact.



Saddo is an insanely detailed illustrator from Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and currently specializes in bright, intricate, and surreal characters. His mediums include acrylic paint, watercolor, pencils, and marker pens while his canvas of choice is white paper, but  has been known to work on street surfaces and wood.