Rachel Niffenegger & John Parot @ Western Exhibitions

Rachel Niffenegger

Rachel Niffenegger

John Parot, who was featured in our B/D Book 3, and Rachel Niffenegger currently have exhibitions up at Chicago gallery Western Exhibitions./(which, coincidentally enough, also stocks B/D Book 3!) John Parot, with his exhibition “Hobbies,” continues his poetic musings on gay urban living, and focuses in on internet dating to reflect how identity, meaning and love are constructed under the auspices of Web 2.0′s arrow. A multi-hued pie chart displays Facebook-esque likes and dislikes: “hot fudge sundae,” “enough with the man-scarves,” and “no beige!”

Rachel Niffenegger, in Gallery 2, creates sculptures and ephemeral-washed paintings dealing with the grotesque nature of the human body, executed with a hauntingly beautiful hand. Drawing its title from an ancient epitaph, “As you pass by and cast an eye as you are now so once was I,” the exhibition seems to conjure the ghostly spirits from beyond the gravestone she references.

John Parot

Studio Shot 1

Check out these lovely works by up and coming artist, John┬áParot. This recent Chicago—-> LA transplant, has great use of color, pattern, composition and collage technique, plus he’s starting to delve into the realms of sculpture and animation! Looking good.

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