Hypnotic Kaleidoscopic Video Of Major Cities

Michael Shainblum video2 Michael Shainblum video3

Mirror City Timelapse from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

Film maker and photographer Michael Shainblum captured familiar city scenes in a way you’ve likely never seen them.  Shainblum captures time lapse sequences of cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicaog, then folds it in on itself.  The urban landscapes are seamlessly divided and replicated into four segments.  In a strange way, this hypnotic abstraction of the city nearly seems to make it easier to see the city as whole.  Each metropolis appears to pulse and glow as if it were a living being or complex computer system.  The video allows the viewer to step back and see the city as a complex collective system.  [via]

Meghan Brady

Colors and shapes run wild in Meghan Brady‘s abstract paintings. To look at her work is to feel like Alice, tumbling head first down the kaleidoscopic rabbit hole.

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Lindsey Gooden

Lindsey Gooden

UK based Lindsey Gooden is a freelance illustrator and also contributes to a collective at Panther Club. Her collage work combines the digital and the hand drawn, exploring themes like seduction, freedom, hallucination, and transfiguration. I’m really enjoying her use of free-spirited colors and trippy compositions.