Kevin Lyons


"Been there, Done that", 2009.

"Been there, Done that", 2009.


Kevin Lyons is a beast of a designer, after receiving his masters degree from CalArts in 1998, KevinLyons has worked for Nike, both in and out of house, has been Art Director of Urban Outfitters on two separate occasions and has been Art Director at Girl Skateboard Company. This year Lyons released  his own line of toys (UPROCK ANIMALS) through Sony Creative in Japan. He also produced two clothing lines; one for 2K called Atlantis, and the other under his personal namesake, NATURAL BORN. In the midst of all his various design work, Lyons has stayed true to his patented hand-drawn style.  He is currently in a group show, at HVW8 gallery in Los Angeles,  with fellow CalArts grads Michael Leon & Geoff McFetridge.



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