Martin Heuwold Turns a Bridge in Germany into a Giant Lego Installation


Martin Heuwold (aka MEGX) of Wuppertal, Germany makes public art installations and murals. Heuwold created “Lego-Brücke”, or “Lego Bridge”- literally a functional bridge in Wuppertal made to look like giant lego blocks. The piece took 4 weeks to complete. It’s funny how really simple ideas like “Lego Bridge” actually have a really huge impact on our public spaces. Life becomes a little more pleasant when people take ownership of their daily environments and build stronger connections to their cities. All it takes is just a small, personal interest.

Star Wars Meets M.C. Escher In This Rad Diorama



Fill your nerd quota for the day and check out this piece of lego sculpture made by Paul Vermeesch. It’s a diorama reproduction of M.C. Escher’s “Relativity” using Star Wars legos. It’s lit from the inside and even includes a faithful depiction of the plot from the much loved film series. Nice work, Paul!

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20,000 LEGO’s Descending A Staircase

I absolutely love it when architecture thinks outside the box. That’s why the work of I-Beam Design on this NYC loft is so brilliant. The home owners wanted to bring a bit of their 10 year old sons personality into the lofts design so what better way than with staircase built out of 20,000 LEGO’s! Collaborating with LEGO master Sean Kenney the staircase is inspired by the paintings of Mondrian with the artists signature colors cheme and cut out holes with a flow of intensifying color going up and down the staircase. (via intralld)