Emmanuelle Brisson’s Meditative Photoseries of a Woman Surrounded By Butterflies


French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson created this photo series, L’air frissonne des choses qui s’enfuient, which depicts a woman clad in thin white linen interacting with butterflies (moths?). The pictures are so quiet. They seem to exist independently from any worldly concerns. Looking at them, everything goes away. Each image is it’s own boundless meditation, and the loose context involved allows you to create your own significance for each one. See more from the series after the jump. (via)

Carlos Amorales Creates Swirling Clouds of Darkness With Black Paper Moths


In 2007 and 2009, Mexico City-based artist Carlos Amorales created two huge installations, both entitled Black Cloud. The works positioned thousands of paper black moths on walls and atria, forming a swirl of darkness. Each moth was a replica of one of 36 different species. The end result of each work contains an overwhelming force that evokes biblical overtones. See more images of Black Cloud after the jump. (via)

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