See Michelle Devereux’s Surfing Pizza Men in Person


Michelle Devereux’s drawing of a rad rollerblading alien took us all by the heartstrings when it was rampantly shared via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter earlier this year. But before seeing the piece in person at New Image Art, it was impossible to grasp the scale, which is really impressive and bigger than I had initially imagined. In actuality, the drawing is a couple feet tall and has an awesome and subtle texture of colored pencil, which was masked by the digital imaging of the work. The rest of her pieces in the exhibit featured wonderful celebrations of nostalgic-retro-futurism and celebrity crushes, which anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s will find themselves irresistibly attracted to.

Richard Colman


Richard Colman will be displaying new paintings, sculptures and site-specific installations at New Image Gallery for his exhibition “Keep Out The Light,” opening this Saturday, May 22nd. Fusing a vibrant palette, super-flat pop sensibility and geometric ephemera, his work are like mandalic inscriptions for millenial worship.

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