Judy Darragh’s economically friendly sculptures

Night/Fall, 2006 at Ramp Gallery in New Zealand

Night/Fall, 2006 at Ramp Gallery in New Zealand

Judy Darragh makes work using cheap, fun and discarded materials, pilfering objects directly from the op-shops and living rooms of ‘ordinary New Zealand’. Her finished artworks demonstrate a dense layering of familiar cliché’s played off against one another, re-configured and exaggerated. This contextual complexity is accompanied in Darragh’s work by a characteristic wit and delightfully irreverent sense of humour. During her prolific twenty year career her work has ranged from the ‘Queen of Kitsch’ era to the ‘grunge art’ of the mid nineties, and her new suit of sculptural works presents an interesting mixture of the two. (Text and images via Ramp Gallery).

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