Nikki Toole’s Roller Girls

We posted about Nikki Toole’s Epic photo project last year and wanted to update you again on what she’s been doing since. Roller Girl is the newest batch of work by Nikki, documenting the tough and gritty ladies that take part in the Australian Roller Derby Scene. Based on 19th century military portraits, these roller girls  are battle ready warriors donning their best armour for the war ahead.

Nikki Toole


Scotland born photographer Nikki Toole is traveling around the world until 2012, gathering imagery for a book project documenting global skater cultures. Besides the fact that Nikki knows how to handle a camera and take a stunning image (in my opinion, anyway), there’s a bareness in this series of photographs which makes me feel as though these people are staring directly at me, and me alone. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Nikki is open to hearing from potential subjects who wish to volunteer themselves for the project. Nikki also has many previous collections well worth checking out.

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