Daniel Albrigo


Daniel Albrigo is a young New York based tattoo/visual artist. Mr. Albrigo has some serious talent in all facets of his art making, just check out these Genesis Breyer P-Orridge inspired paintings…

Kelsey Dake


I tend to be drawn towards imagery that confuses me; where I can’t quite tell what is going on. I find I ask myself that very question with many of illustrator Kelsey Dake’s drawings. But more than that, I am digging on the concentrated, black lines that feel as though gravity is getting the best of the ink… there’s a nice mix of humor in the work as well.

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Daniel Weiss

017_17 Daniel Weiss is a photographer from NYC practicing what he calls, “traditional street photography.” One of his bodies of work, entitled “New Yorkers,” depicts the everyday people he encounters throughout New York as the title suggests. His goal is to capture the traditional cast of characters of the big city. His other portfolio, titled “Street Scenes,” is more your basic street art. In each of his photos he aims for a timeless feel, only capturing scenes that do not give away the time period. He says that by not being able to tell if the photo was taken now or 50 years ago, “it allows you to focus more on certain, more interesting details that may be in the photograph.” He states, “Especially since I feel that most the city nowadays is in an aesthetic slump that it will never recover from.” Check out more of his work after the jump, or visit his site.

Dylan Wooters

carousel Dylan Wooters is a photographer and writer from California, living in NYC. His photographs depict his encounters through the various cities he has lived or traveled to. Mr. Wooters has also followed the Bay area graffiti scene and taken numerous photos documenting his experience. Check out his Flick’r account, as well as his website, for more of his photos and writings. 



Matthew Kelly

asmyfather2 Matthew Kelly is a photographer living and working in NYC. His photography is definitely nothing less than unique. His current project “As My Father,” depicts a young man stepping into his father’s shoes, literally. Matthew’s other photos have the same portrait like qualities, and just like the first project, tell a dramatic story. Check out his website for more of his work and upcoming projects.

Elle Muliarchyk

0213elle.2Elle Muliarchyk is a photographer and filmaker from NYC. Her recent project “Begotten,” a book project that looks to reinvent religious icons as Pop Icons.

Tae Querney


Tae Querney is a  New York City artist whose unique illustration style brings the content to life with texture and color. Check out her website for more beautiful illustrations.

Jasmine Golestaneh

Jasmine Golestaneh creates fantastical collages using bats and rainbows to explore rituals and the subconscious.

If you’d like to catch her work in person, she has a solo show on June 28th at Envoy Enterprises in NYC.