Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini’s paintings are an accurate representation of how the true Los Angeles appears to me. Polluted atmosphere, palm trees (not native to LA) implanted everywhere, crumbling and tired buildings, freeway ramps… this is what my home looks like.

Joyce Ho

I had first came across Joyce Ho’s creepy and jarring collection of paintings on the Creative Quarterly website. When looking at her strong body of work, I often feel like I have come across a moment of surrender. The people in her predominantly yellow world are usually hunched over, or on the floor. Their eyes, which are dull with little to no sparkle of life, are what haunts me the most.

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James Jean

Taiwanese artist James Jean creates beautiful illustrations and paintings. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Matthew Daniel Swan

I am really enjoying Matthew Daniel Swan’s work. He creates beautiful illustrations and paintings from which he draws inspiration from pulp cartoons and references Trenton Doyle Hancock. Swan was born in 1987 and works and lives in Edinburgh.

Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers reflects the time we are living in through his body of work.  He touches on topics pertaining to contemporary body politics, isolation, and hope.

Pearl C. Hsiung

Pearl C. Hsiung creates really awesome Manga inspired cosmic scenes of fantasy worlds with enamel on canvas.  Hsiung was born in Taiwan in 1973 and lives and works in Los Angeles.  You can catch some of her work on display at the Steve Turner Contemporary art gallery from October 16-November 13, 2010.  Check her out!

Mildred & Pacolli

I recently stumbled upon this seriously amazing artist duo, Mildred & Pacolli.  Their work is AWESOME!  I love it. They recently had an exhibition at the Lower Haters gallery in San Francisco called WE ARE US.  You should check out some of their work!

Odran Edward


You may feel a feeling of familiarity in Toronto based painter Odran Edward’s work. Odran is inspired by the classical spiritual sculptures, and explores them by creating psychedelic-impressionist paintings of them.