Anders Krisár

Stockholm’s Anders Krisár has a nice selection sculpture, fine art installations, and photography.

Greg Stimac’s Mow the Lawn

Greg Stimac‘s mowing the lawn series could easily become a classic postcard set. Anywhere in America, someone has to mow the lawn.

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Thorsten Schmidtkord’s Upside Down Head

Ever wonder what your face would look like if your head was upside down? If so just check out these bizarre photos from Thorsten Schmidtkord.

Axel Engström’s Etherial Elegance

Axel Engström - Photography

Beautiful fashion photography with a dark, experimental edge by Swedish photographer Axel Engström.

Jeff Bark’s Lucifer Falls

Jeff Bark - Photography

Dreamy, intense pictures by photographer Jeff Bark.

Ellen Roger’s Ghostly Glamor

Ellen Roger‘s Ghostly photographs are glamourous, sexy, and creepy all at once.

Kimiko Yoshida’s Hyper-Styled Self

Kimiko Yoshida - Self Portraits

Decadent self-portraits by artist Kimiko Yoshida.

Phil Bebbington Is Abandoned

Photographer Phil Bebbington takes pictures of mostly abandoned spaces throughout the world that once were popular like resorts and churches. His portraits can be just as haunting, people that could easily abandon where they are as well. Check out Phil’s flickr and blog too.