Noah Conopask Dramatic Cinematic Eye

Noah Conopask‘s photography is dark, intriguing, and looks like stills from a dramatic movie. Every once in awhile you get a nice break from the darkness and into the light. Check out his blog here.

Thomas Hauser’s Boring Is The New Interesting

Thomas Hauser‘s photographs elevate everyday objects and scenes.

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Maia Flore’s Sleep Elevations

Magical series of images by French photographer Maia Flore.

Lovec Snov Is Strange N’ Sexy

Sexy, strange pictures by photographer Lovec Snov.

Michelle Knowles Turns The Mundane Into Magical

Photographs by Brisbane artist Michelle Knowles. She shows us the familiar next to the unusual in an attempt to transform the mundane into magical.

Estelle Hanania’s Parking Lot Hydra

More imaginative spectacle by French photographer Estelle Hanania.

Chajana denHarder’s Chopped Up Bodies

Chajana denHarder, an artist based over at Washington D.C., has assembled a very hypnotic series of digitally manipulated photographs that deals with the investigation of divergence and assimilation.

Daryl Banks’s Infectious Photographs

Photographer Daryl Banks works with an infectiously flirty style. Previously a fashion photographer, you can really see the influence of his previous career roots blend into his current work.