Geoff McFetridge

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Geoff McFetridge is a creator living in Los Angeles, California. He has his hand in many things, most recently the title sequence in Spike Jonze’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’,  and never seems to disappoint. At the moment, he has a skate company called The Solitary Arts, a wallpaper company called Pottok Prints, a design business called Champion Graphics, and does gallery/museum shows in his spare time. I’ve been following his work for years, and his work deserves every bit of recognition is receives. I can’t wait to see what his hand has in store for us next.

James Kirkups

Poster design for Justice

Poster design for Justice

James Kirkups is a 21 year old graphic designer, and he already has a portfolio bursting with great works. Kirkups’ geometric designs work so well because he’s great with simple colors. His posters are clean and effective, I find them to be striking in their simplicity. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this young prodigy.

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An Art Service




Continuing today’s incidental perversion theme: An Art Service is a graphic design and Art Direction Company located in New York City, working mostly with artists (hence the name) in publications, branding and identity, and web design. Their work for Daddy magazine (published by Peres Projects) includes a puzzle on the front cover as well SPECIAL TEEN STICKERS. I really like how it’s photographed on quintessential pedophile plaid. Mmm mm mm.

young adult contemporary lifestyle

I love these (kind of bad but) great posters by Young Adult Contemporary Lifestyle, a pan-scandinavian coalition of greatness. I’m a big fan of its designers, linked at the end of this post.


Bree Apperley

Bree Apperley’s work is a bit nonsensical but it makes me feel really happy.