Pantone Color Chip Rainbow

pantone rainbowNo this image was not computer generated. The rainbow was manually made with 5,000 Pantone color chips glued onto wood boards. The project focused on promoting Pantone color guide books to art college students and faculty, and to convince them that Pantone has the most color selection for their printing guidance. To grab their attention, they re-created a rainbow (8 meter in length and height of 4.5 meters) consisting of Pantone color chips in the middle of college’s park. Pretty rad.

Artist Interview: Austin Eddy



Disco Party, 2009. acrylic, spray paint on panel. 20 x 16"

Austin Eddy’s works are fascinated with magic, from the faux-scrying joke shop tool of the “Magic 8-ball,” to (seemingly Michael Jackson’s) magician’s sequined gloves, personified wizard hats or rainbow dust emitting bongs/flutes. Multiple painting processes abound, from (real!) glitter, spraypaint and beyond to cast comedic spells of play and fancy. Read the full interview after the jump.


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