Jason John’s Realism

Jason John paints extraordinarily detailed scenes of dramatic narratives. These stories touch on the ephemeral side of a serendipitous coincidence – that cold forbidden zone of the wandering brain. More after the jump!

Annemarie Busscher’s Magnified Portraits

Annemarie Busscher’s ultra realistic drawings are less about portraiture and more about the scientific research of the skins surface. Every bump, imperfection, blemish, wrinkle, and bits of uneven skin are documented in exquisite detail documenting humanities slow decay.

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Lee Price- Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

lee price photo realistic painting

I’m not usually a big fan of photorealism but these paintings by Lee Price are unreal!

Roberto Bernardi… Death To Photography

Roberto Bernardi has dedicated his career to creating hyper-realistic paintings.