Simon Beck Incredible Drawings Created Using His Feet And Miles Of Snow

Snow Installation

snow drawing

snow drawing

Simon Beck - Snow Installation

Simon Beck’s geometric landscape artwork doesn’t require much more than a good snowfall, careful planning, and a lot of patience. To produce his works, the artist treks through miles of snow, patterning his walk carefully to create large scale designs. The results of his efforts can best be viewed aerially, as they cross acres of land. Conveniently, he’s installed some of his work under ski lifts and across valleys, where they can dazzle passersby.

Beck’s work is reminiscent of a Tibetan Sand Mandala, which too requires hours of work (his snow patterns take 8 to 10 hours to complete), has ritualistic movements, and whose existence is fleeting. Both will eventually be destroyed, as it is inherent and built into the ritual. But, while the breakdown of a mandala is ritualistic, Beck’s snow murals are at the whim of mother nature. (Via Huffington Post)

Simon Beck Amazing Geometric Snow Drawings

A few days back we posted the snow drawings of Sonja Hinrichsen and today we came across Simon Beck,  another artist working with the medium of snow. Simon’s extremely complex drawings are made by simply walking in the geometric patterns in snow shoes for hours on end. Sometimes the same piece has to be redrawn several times due to new snow fall. Unexpected high temperatures are also problematic as pieces can melt away in just a few days giving the work an even more magical and ephemeral tone.

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