Simon Beck Amazing Geometric Snow Drawings

A few days back we posted the snow drawings of Sonja Hinrichsen and today we came across Simon Beck,  another artist working with the medium of snow. Simon’s extremely complex drawings are made by simply walking in the geometric patterns in snow shoes for hours on end. Sometimes the same piece has to be redrawn several times due to new snow fall. Unexpected high temperatures are also problematic as pieces can melt away in just a few days giving the work an even more magical and ephemeral tone.

Sonja Hinrichsen’s Snow Drawings

No that isn’t the latest alien crop circles. This is the work of  new media artist Sonja Hinrichsen who created this massive installation one step at a time by simply walking in circular patterns. The result is a semi-abstract pattern that mimics leaves on branches of the local snow covered trees. See more images of this simple yet extremely clever installation along with a process video after the jump.

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