Minimalist Prints Of State Insignia – Strange And Otherwise

Julian Montague design3

Julian Montague design1

Julian Montague design10


Perhaps you may be familiar with your state motto or state bird.  However, what about your state amphibian or state grain?  America’s fifty states have many official state insignia, some more obscure than others.  Artist and designer Julian Montague highlights many of these for all of the states in the union in his new series State of America.  While some state insignia may be predictable – Idaho’s official state food is the potato – others are bit stranger such as Georgia’s official state fossil: shark teeth.

Mindy Kober



Hailing from Houston, TX (home of the Geto Boys) and holding an MFA from Cornell, artist Mindy Kober paints scenes inspired by the images on the backs of those state commemorative quarters. Inspired is the operative word here – Kober uses a great deal of imagination in her humorous recreations of the scenes, often incorporating imagery from current American pop culture.

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