The Kim Kardashian Party by XVALA


XVALA is the artist behind the #FearGoogle campaign, which caused him to be rife with controversy when he put up wheat pastes featuring nude photos of Scarlett Johansson. However, for the past year, he’s been working on a much larger project, in which he went digging through celebrity’s trashcans to re-purpose their discarded objects into art. Early on in his gatherings though, Forbes Magazine received leaked information that he had been to both Steve Jobs’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s residences – where he discovered one of Zuckerberg’s coat hangers and had it fabricated into an almost indestructible phallic sculpture.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

It’s a sad day for anyone that enjoys groundbreaking technology, clean design, and revolutionary thinking. Since 1996 I’ve used Apple  products to create Beautiful/Decay and have loved every minute of it. Every time I think  Apple can’t  push the envelope further they do. Without  Steve Jobs my life would not be the same and chances are yours wouldn’t be either. So lets take a moment to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs and honor his work. Rest In Peace Steve.



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