Diary of a Madman: Part 4


Kyle Thomas is still crankin’ out covers for our new book, check out some of the more newer ones after the jump. I’m sure we’ll have a trash can full of dried up Sharpies by the end of this…

Diary Of A Madman: Part 3!

B/D Mascot Ziggy!

Here are more freshly drawn covers for Book 1: Supernaturalism for your viewing pleasure! As you’ve read, Kyle Thomas has been crankin’ them out, and we thought we’d let our mascot Ziggy model a few (or twenty-six)!

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Diary Of A Madman Part 2!

Book 1: Supernaturalism Covers

Kyle has been busy drawing over 200 covers per day. It’s mind boggling to think that he has so many images stored in his head. Kyle has been going at it nonstop but judging by the covers pictured above his brain is feeling like mush after back to back 12 hour marathons of drawing. I’m happy to announce that subscriptions will be going out tomorrow. It’s a few days later than we had planned but I think we were off on our math as to how long each book cover would take. Below are a selection of covers from the last few days.