Glen Sorenson’s Night Painting

I like to use the shorthand of “night paintings” to describe Austrian-born, Swedish painter Glen Sorenson’s solemn, melancholic works. He consistently utilizes black backgrounds against a washed out, expertly mixed color palette that consists of pink, lavender, yellow, periwinkle and turquoise hues. A large majority of his work is made up of simplistic still lives of slumped over, crispy, dead flowers; his remaining works depict unconventionally cropped objects and wistful, stagnant scenes . 

Emma Löfström

Emma Löfström is a Swedish illustrator and artist whose work is eerie, narrative and has an otherworldly depth. Each of her pieces has this air of mystery behind it with subjects ranging from nature to magic to surrealistic creatures. Some of her works seem like a storybook which I for one would be enamored to get my hands on. 

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Leif Holmstrand

Leif Holmstrand

Swedish artist Leif Holmstrand’s oeuvre is filled with crocheted and knitted sculptures, terrifying performances, washing line installations and dangling babies. He also writes excellent poetry- an artist and writer who puts Malmo on the Sweden Maps and in the very near future on the world map!

Nan Na Hvass

Scandinavians are best at all things in my mind- but if I had to narrow it down to two genres, I’d have to pick design and music. Here is a wonderful example of the two realms combining: Nan Na Hvass’ lovely illustrations and animation for Efterklang’s single, Mirador. I love her candy palette.