Logan Fleming

Bruce Springsteen, 5'10"

Bruce Springsteen, 5'10"

I recently came upon this online listing for an auction of wax figures which took place at the Hollywood Wax Museum on May 15. Most of the sculptures were apparently made by a man named Logan Fleming (who there is very little information about online). Now I must admit I’ve never been to a wax museum, but I was stunned at how downright awful some of these are. Figures have poor wardrobe selection, weird unnatural skin tones, oddly disproportional body parts, and/or just don’t really look anything like who they’re supposed to. The result is often hilarious, and if it were Mr. Fleming’s intention to make these look so strange (which I’m fairly sure it wasn’t), I could easily see them being presented as works of art. Some of my favorites are after the jump, but please look at the link…there are many more than I could ever put on this blog.

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