Winnie Truong’s Hairy Drawings

Winnie Truong’s drawings are at once intricate, interesting, and funny. Fittingly, she has a lot of people recognizing her talent. Not only is she featured with big beautiful drawings and an interview in our Book 7 humor issue, she has a show at Galerie Trois Points from now until November 10. So, if you’re a fan, i’d suggest an impulsive Montreal vacation and picking up our Book 7 for plane reading. Happy travels!

B/D Featured Artist: Winnie Truong’s Piles Of Hair

Winnie Truong’s magical colored pencil drawings are things of wonder. Her work simultaneously reads as beautiful, grotesque, and bizarrely funny. We can’t get enough of Winnie’s work and we hope you can’t either. If these 6 images aren’t enough to quench your thirst then hop over to the B/D shop and get your hands on our latest book Beautiful/Decay: Class Clowns where we feature an in-depth 12 page interview with Winnie with over a dozen full color images for you to feast your eyes on!


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Winnie Truong’s Bearded Friends

Canadian artist Winnie Truong creates the coolest illustrations with pencil crayon on paper.  I am particularly enjoying his Ornament and Correction piece.  Who knew Crayola could be this awesome?