The Modern Gothic Photos of Nicole Peterson and Adam Ramirez



Nicole Peterson and Adam Ramirez work together and separately to create gothic fairytale-esque photos. The pair, who are based in Chicago, use interesting fashion items like updated plague masks and pea coats, which allow them to transform a camping site covered in snow into what looks like a still from the sequel to The Hunger Games. And their eye for the perfect moment doesn’t just apply to people, since they even have a whole series of photos from various zoos that make it seem like they’re travelling all over the world. Nicole, also has an ETSY shop where she sells buttons that fit within her artistic aesthetic and say things like “Adopt A Dire Wolf” and “What Would Dobby Do.”

Daniel kukla’s Captive Landscapes

I’ve always hated zoos. They are so cold, artificial, and sad. I personally only support animal sanctuaries as they actually take care of the animals instead of treating them like cheap objects on display.  Daniel kukla’s Captive Landscapes documents 8 different zoos in the US, capturing the artifiicial spaces that we create for these poor animals so that we can look and point at them.

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